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17 Things You'll Only Understand If You're From Atlanta


1. "Welcome to Atlanta" is your ultimate party anthem.

2. As well as any song by T.I.

3. You cringe at people who actually refer to this city as “Hotlanta.”

4. Chick-fil-a, Waffle House and Zaxby’s are the holy trinity of restaurants.

5. Coke is your jam.

6. You’ve experienced all four seasons in the same week.

7. So you also know that preparing for snow in Georgia is basically the equivalent of preparing for an apocalypse.

8. You actually tell people you’re from Atlanta when odds are you probably live somewhere outside of the perimeter (such as Roswell or Alpharetta).

9. But you still take the phrase “True to Atlanta” very seriously.

10. Sometimes, a little too seriously.

11. Everyone around you is a die-hard Georgia fan.

12. You literally get upset at the very thought of someone serving you unsweetened tea.

13. You prefer Krystal’s to White Castle in the same way that you prefer Captain D’s to Long John Silver's and Checkers to Rally’s.

14. Traffic has made you want to die slowly on several occasions.

15. So has taking a flight out of Hartsfield-Jackson.

16. And riding MARTA.

17. But no matter what comes with the territory, you're true to Atlanta until the day you die. 

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