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15 Reasons Why You & Your Best Friend Couldn't Survive College Without Each Other


In college, your best friend can act as your tutor, therapist, partner in crime or straight-up babysitter. Here are just a few reasons why you'd likely crumble without her. 

1. She’s your surrogate mom/sister/fun aunt all rolled into one.

Sometimes you need someone to call you on your shit, and sometimes you need someone to force you out of your shell. At college, you often need both at the same time. 

2. Not everyone is willing to leave a party early because you’re just not feelin' it.

Outfit regret and drunk appetites are so real and need immediate attention. 

3. And not everyone is willing to go out in your pajamas on a random weeknight because you did well on an exam.

Sure, it's 9 p.m. on a Wednesday but....... SHOTS?

4. She makes running errands feel like a road trip.

Target? Walmart? The sky's the limit!

5. She can distinguish between your everyday “This is the worst day of my life” and your emergency “OK, this is actually the worst day of my life.” 

6. You wear her clothes more than you wear yours some weekends.

Maybe you've "stolen that and kept it for six months," but you still appreciate that she gave it to you in the first place. 

7. You usually screenshot something and send it to her just as she’s typing out, “OMG DID YOU SEE THIS?!?” 

Cue the "HAHAHAHAHAHA" texts and telling each other to "get out of my head!"

8. Your friends are her friends and even if you make new friends they become her friends. 

Everyone in your life knows her, and everyone in her life knows you. If you're seen without the other, everyone asks where she is.

9. She knows your family, your friends from home, and all your friends, acquaintances, and exes from college. 

That girl from your high school who is Instagram famous and selling FitTea? Yeah, she knows her. That boy from your first semester Spanish class who wore an extra-small jacket? Yeah, she knows him too. 

10. She’s held your hair back more times than you’d like to admit and has put you to bed more than your own mother has.

It's a true test of friendship, and she's passed with flying colors. 

11. You always make sure the other gets home safe because you share location and check up on it constantly. 

Thank God for location sharing on the iPhone. I'm just genuinely thankful I can see what all my friends are up to without calling or texting or hunting them down. 

12. You support each other when boys are sucky and patiently remind the other that she deserves a Jim Halpert/Ben Wyatt/Prince Charming. 

Get you someone who inhales deeply whenever you fall asleep on their shoulder. Comfort your friends when boys inevitably fall short of their expectations. 

13. You work with each others’ color-coded planners to fit in lunch and coffee when you need somebody to lean on. 

We've got 30 minutes on Tuesday. Want to walk around the library together?

14. Between the two of you, you’ve got a meme for every situation you’ve ever been in. 

If you're not replying to every tag with "omg me af," are you even best friends?

15. If love means never having to say you’re sorry, best friendship means never having to apologize for what you say while you’re drunk.

Often your suppressed rage is misdirected and targets your very kind best friend who just wants to take a cab instead of walk. 

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