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15 Notebooks That Are Perfect for Your Spring Break Journal


If you're obsessed with stationery and taking notes wherever you go, you're probably on the hunt for the perfect notebook for spring break right about now. And if you're not, you could, like, probably use one for class, right? All excuses are good excuses for new stationery; that's a fact. Check out these cute options if you don't know where to shop!

1. Peter Pan Pocket Notebook ($19.95 at Moleskine)

Never lose your sense of childlike wonder.

2. Peter Pan Large Notebook ($34.95 at Moleskine)

This makes me happy just looking at it.

3. 'What, Like It's Hard?' Notebook ($16 at Betches)

Because there's no role model quite like Elle Woods.

4. 'Your Future Looks Bright' Journal ($14 at ban.do)


5. 'Here Comes the Fun' Spiral Notebook ($12 at ban.do)

Fun in the sun!!!

6. The Pop Notebook ($12 at Pop Physique)

If barre class is your jam, this is your notebook.

7. To-Do Planner ($25 at Lilly Pulitzer)

This one is perfect if you can't relax until you've gotten through your to-do list.

8. 'I Married Adventure' Journal ($16 at Kate Spade)


9. Lemon Large Spiral Notebook ($18 at Kate Spade)

*hums country song about sweet tea and lemonade*

10. Travel Essentials Journal ($15 at Rifle Paper Co.)

Eek so cute!

11. Small Cactus Notebook ($5.01 at Etsy)

Perfect for your desert trip.

12. Constellation Notebook Set ($6.25+ at Etsy)

This is so lovely for the dreamy girl.

13. Gratitude Notebook ($8.50+ at Etsy)

A powerful reminder.

14. Marble Journal ($12 at Urban Outfitters)

Simple and elegant.

15. 'Killing It' Journal ($12 at Urban Outfitters)

You ARE killing it.

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