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22 Times Cristina Yang Was the Best Part of 'Grey's Anatomy'


Meredith Grey may be the namesake of Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s pretty much universally agreed upon that Cristina Yang was the real star during her 11 seasons on the show. Her competitiveness, sass, intelligence and passion made her a fan favorite. Cristina has some of the best lines on the show, and let’s face it, Cristina moments are the best moments.

Here are 22 times Cristina was the best part of Grey’s.

1. When she had her priorities straight

2. When she wasn’t afraid to show the world how confident she is

3. When she was all of us at family gatherings

4. When she valued brains over beauty

5. When she demanded candy in a room full of people

6. When her friend-with-benefits asked her if she liked being the big spoon or the little spoon and she had the best response

7. When she defended her resting bitch face

8. When she mastered the art of emoting

9. When she had the best advice for Lexie

10. When she reminded Meredith of her worth

11. When she inspired us to never settle

12. When she took this hot dog eating competition a little too seriously

13. When she was unfazed by McSteamy’s attempts to flirt with her

14. When she came up with an inventive naming system for her interns

15. When she dished out the hard truths

16. When she knew dancing with her best friend was the best medicine

17. When she knew the best way to cope with being forced to play sports

18. When her struggles were super relatable to every college student ever

19. When she was vulnerable and heartbreakingly honest

20. When she gave us the perfect way to refer to our best friend/other half

21. When she came to this stark realization

22. When she didn’t even have to say anything to be funny because her facial expression said it all

We love and miss you, Cristina Yang!

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