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Our 24 Top Picks From the Lulu's Vacation Collection


It's vacation time, baby! Before you hop on a plane to the nearest tropical destination, you're probably going to want to update your winter wardrobe and grab a few vacation-ready outfits. Lucky for you, Lulu's has you covered. Their Vacation Shop features nine whole pages of perfect getaway outfits and accessories -- it's basically a one-stop shop for vacation necessities! 

There's so many must-haves included in their vacation shop, so we've broken down our favorites into budget-friendly categories!

Under $30

(Sunglasses, $17)

(Sunglasses, $18)

(Floppy hat, $28)

(Crop top, $28)

(Top, $29)

From accessories to tops, there's tons of items you can buy for under $30! Grab these sunnies and a crop top, and you'll be ready to spend some time in the sun! 

Under $40

(Crop top, $34)

(Bikini set, $34)

(Shorts, $34)

(Dress, $38)

(Blouse, $38)

(Romper, $39)

(Shorts, $39)

With a little more wiggle room in the budget, you can snag some of these amazing rompers or shorts that will be perfect for exploring on your vacay. 

Under $50

(Romper, $46)

(Top, $46)

(Romper, $48)

(Romper, $49)

Step up your casual look with these detailed pieces, and throw in some floral and color for an adventurous and fun look! 

Under $60

(Romper, $52)

(Maxi dress, $54)

(Romper, $54)

(Maxi dress, $59)

Vacations almost always call for dressing up, so grab one of these maxi dresses or classy rompers and you'll be good to go! 

Under $100

(Dress, $74)

(Bikini, $75)

(Maxi dress, $89)

(One-piece, $99)

Splurging for your vacation outfits is sometimes totally necessary, especially if it's for one of these to-die-for bathing suits or flowy maxi dresses.

With a Vacation Shop as stocked as Lulu's, everyone is bound to find a travel-ready wardrobe that fits any budget. Happy shopping, collegiettes!

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