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15 Irish-American Celebrities Who Are Stylish AF


March often means an excuse to dress in bright green and have an extra pint of beer, but the reason those things go hand-in-hand with the mention of the month is because it’s Irish-American Heritage Month. To celebrate this at Her Campus, we’ve put together the most stylish Irish-American celebs who make us wish we were a tad more fashionable.

1. Zooey Deschanel 

Zooey turned to the looks of Old Hollywood for this red carpet appearance, proving that pearls never go out of style. 

2. Abigail Breslin

I love the intricate blue design of Abigail’s dress and how she makes the outfit more low-key with a denim jacket. 

3. Nick, Joe & Kevin Jonas

They may have had some questionable fashion choices back in the day, but nowadays the Jonas Brothers prove that they all know how to rock a suit and, in this case, support their Irish roots with some green threads.

4. Miranda Cosgrove

This is a simple but sleek look that you can definitely put together with everyday items from your own closet. 

5. Dakota Fanning

I wish I had a reason to wear a light green gown this St. Patrick’s Day, because Dakota totally rocked this one.

6. Darren Criss

Anyone else think that Darren is the epitome of “nerd chic?” *insert fire emoji*

7. Anne Hathaway

A true mark of style is being just as glamourous away from the red carpet as you are on it. I love Anne’s black and white palette here—and the brimmed hat to protect her fair Irish skin from the sun!

8. Anna Kendrick

Anna’s blue sequin dress is different from what we usually see on the red carpet and I approve.  

9. Jena Malone

It’s difficult to make a little black dress look unique, which is why I applaud this attempt from The Hunger Games franchise’s Jena Malone. 

10. Chris Colfer

Chris played one of my favorite characters on Glee, and he’s proven that being fashion-forward wasn’t just a trait of Kurt Hummel’s. I love how he dresses up an otherwise casual look with a vest. 

11. Drew Barrymore

Drew rocks a sleek yet visually appealing look here, and incorporates a bright lip color that pops against her pale skin. A+.

12. Katie Holmes

Like Jena, Katie isn’t afraid to wear a different kind of black dress. I love the lace overlay of this dress!

13. Rooney & Kate Mara

Both sisters pull off the bold move of wearing red on the red carpet and manage to still stand out. 

14. Emma Roberts

Who knew corduroy could look so chic?

15. Sarah Hyland

High-low dresses can be difficult to ace, but Sarah perfects this look by going with a solid-colored bottom and a decorative top.

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