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17 Signs You're an Anthropology Major


I'm an Anthropology major. I study humans and I love it. The only problem? No one back home seems to really understand what I'm doing at college. If you love archeaology, biologcal or cultural anthropology, or linguistics, you may know what I'm talking about. Did you find yourself fascinated by humans participating in everyday activities? Did you spend your Spring Break reading about evolution? Does the thought of really old pottery get you going in the morning? Then you might be an anthropology major. Read on to see the other signs:

1. You constantly have to explain what anthropology is.

2. Your family probably thinks you want to be a paleontologist.

3. You spend most doctor’s visits identifying bones on the medical posters.

4. You can’t watch an episode of Bones without cringing.

5. You interject your knowledge of global eating practices at every available opportunity.

6. You think the term “Caveman” is a really poor description for Neanderthals....

7. And you’re constantly upset by their representation in popular media.

8. You really like pottery.

9. You live for in-text citation.

10. You’ve probably read at least one book on primates.

11. And you think Jane Goodall is the coolest.

12. People watching is probably one of your favorite activities.

13. You’re incredibly judgmental of popular science articles.

14. You’ve touched really old bones, and it didn’t phase you.

15. A trip to a museum is a perfect day for you.

16. You think transcribing interviews is a great way to pass the time.

17. Annotated bibliographies are the bane of your existence.

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