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10 Struggles Only Laid Back Girls Understand


Whether you are one or you know one, we could all learn a thing or two from the laid back girl. Just got into a fight with your friend or significant other? Have three tests and a presentation due tomorrow? Relax. The laid back girl knows to focus on what’s important and not sweat the small stuff. As great as this carefree life seems, every laidback girl knows it doesn’t come without its fair share of problems.

1. You don’t stress as much over group projects

It’s not that you don’t care about getting a good grade; you just don’t feel the need to take control over every little aspect of the project. You have faith that as long as you and everybody else do their part before you have to present, everything will be just fine. This leads to a ton of procrastination.

2. You don’t stress as much over school work in general

You know things will work out. Or at least, you’re keeping your fingers crossed.

3. You are always the last to get ready

Whether you’re going out with friends or family, you always end up staying in your pajamas or comfy clothes until the last possible minute. By the time you look at the clock, you already know you’re pressed for time.

4. Your improv skills are next-level

You know how to get things done, last-minute style. But because of that, you rush through everything, which isn’t great in the long run.

5. Confrontation is the enemy

You try your best to stay away from any sort of confrontation due to your laid back nature. You dislike drama of any sort. But this also means you don’t always let people know when they’ve upset you, so you try to just let it go.

6. People assume you’re a pushover

Not a fun label to have. But due to your chill demeanor, people assume you okay with anything and everything and won’t stand up for yourself.

7. People with expendable amounts of energy scare you

These people freak you out because you’re the exact opposite of peppy and super hyper. You’re not used to being around this type of high-energy.

8. You are not so easily motivated

What even is motivation? It’s hard to lack something you never had in the first place. The procrastination struggle is real, my friend.

9. You have a go-with-the-flow attitude in every situation

You put in the least amount of effort necessary and when things don’t work out the way you thought they would, that gets you into trouble and you’re left feeling very confused. 

10. “Netflix and Chill” really is “Netflix and Chill”

For you, there are no other possible interpretations. These words mean exactly how they’re phrased. Period.

Being a laid back girl can have it perks, but it certainly comes with its share of downfalls as well. Between, the reputation of being a pushover and always rushing to get things done, there are a fair amount of struggles associated with being the chill girl. However, being laid back is more than just a demeanor; it’s a way of life. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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