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15 Things Every Girl Learned from a Magazine


Growing up in the '90s and early 2000s, we didn't have Snapchat or Instagram to supply us with entertainment. Memes weren't even a thing back then, and there was no hashtag "trending" to guide preteen girls in the direction of all things cool. Luckily, we had publications such as CosmoGirl, Girl's Life, Tiger Beat and more to provide us with the essential info. Here are 15 things every girl learned from a magazine.

1. How to tell whether or not your crush was into you

The answer was most likely supplied through a quiz.

2. How to kiss

And how not to kiss.

3. Even celebs have embarassing moments

Stars…they're just like us!

4. Which boy bands were the dreamiest 

Because those were the posters that you were going to rip out of every issue.

5. Scary things happen irl

Those "Real Life Stories" in Seventeen did not play around.

6. What guys really want

Signs he wants to be your boyfriend? We're in.

7. What your future had in store

Those horoscopes were always accurate.

8. The latest fashions (and how to rock them)

Butterfly clips, glitter and scrunchies. Need we say more?

9. How to spot a frenemy

And how to deal with friend drama in general.

10. Reading other people's confessions is better than TV

It's a guilty pleasure, okay?

11. Celebs have a lot of secrets

And Tiger Beat revealed them all.

12. How to have fun with your friends

Other than by reading magazines together, of course.

13. The correct lyrics to your favorite songs

"Starbucks lovers" wasn't the first misheard lyric.

14. How to go back to school in style

Because your first day back outfit was everything.

15. Girls rock

End of story.

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