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20 Reasons Why Winston from 'New Girl' Is So You It Hurts


It's no secret that we're all in love with America's quirkiest schoolteacher, but we seem to have an even bigger crush on the rather underrated character Winston Bishop. Here are 20 reasons you're Winston from New Girl, because tbh, he's the most relatable. This is so good it hurts! 

1. You are the weirdest person you know

2. There’s nothing you love more than cats

3. You know what you want and will say it

4. You are perpetually single

5. Your pranks either go too high or too low, and people hate it when you do them

6. Swag is your middle name

7. You always belt it out to your favorite song

8. You are a supportive friend and great gift giver 

9. You're always straight up with your friends

10. You know how to stay positive even in the worst situations

11. You tend to be a little overdramatic

12. You have an impeccable work ethic

13. The only thing you want in life is sleep

14. You laugh at your own jokes

15. You’re often in the background but totally shouldn't be because you’re way too good-looking

16. You’re not afraid to dream big

17. Or to occasionally let it all out

18. Fruity drinks are your BFF

19. You have a lot of feelings

20. And you are by far the most impressive person you know

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