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19 Drunk Texts All Girls Have Sent At One Point or Another


Drunk texting…we’ve all done it one too many times. There’s just something about a magical phone that glows in the dark and the beautiful buzz of alcohol. There’s no time to think things through, you just need to text someone….now. Here are 19 drunk texts you’ve probably sent at one point or another:

1. The “I want you back” drunk text

2. The “I’m bitter and I want you to know it” drunk text

3. The “answer your phone” drunk text

4. The “I’m drunk” drunk text

5. The “what is the meaning of life” drunk text

6. The “way too honest” drunk text

7. The “I’m so lonely” drunk text

8. The “GUYS ARE FUCKBOYS” drunk text

9. The “yooooooo” drunk text

10.  The “I’m not even drunk” drunk text

11. The “I’m sorry” drunk text

12. The “emoji overload” drunk text

13. The “where am I I’m starting to panic” drunk text

14. The “I'm updating you even though you don't care" drunk text

15. The “jibberish” drunk text

autocorrect can’t even save you

16. The “remember when…” drunk text

17.  The “I honestly love you so much” drunk text

18.  The “u up?” drunk text

This is the one that we probably regret most of all.

19. The “whoops wrong person” drunk text

Sorry Mom…wrong person.


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