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Her Campus’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2014


364 days of the year, Mom is all about you. On May 11, it’s time to be all about her. Reward the lady who took care of you when you were sick, cried with you when that jerk broke your heart, and celebrated with you when you got your college acceptance letter. Whether you’re celebrating in person with her or sending her virtual hugs, we think the below gifts will be the icing on the cake of the really, really nice card you’re definitely sending her (and seriously, don’t forget the heartfelt card – moms love that stuff!). 

Water Bottle

Perfect for the healthy (or trying to be healthy) mom-on-the-go, this flavor infused water bottle will keep your mom hydrated, looking good, and carrying a cute accessory (that totally outdoes any other water bottle we’ve ever seen). $15


Note: this gift is going to have to be accompanied by flowers – whether they’re from you, or your sibling! This Anthropologie vase is funky and fun and will look great with those bright spring flowers. $24

Collage Frame

It’s an obvious one, but no mom would ever turn down a frame filled (yes, filled) with photos of her family. This 12-photo frame will hold a wide range of your family photos – from your first dance recital to saying goodbye to mom and dad on the first day of college. $30

Phone Case

Turn your (or your mom’s) Instagram photos into her cellphone case! It’s a great way for her to show off you and your sibs, her fantastic flower garden, or her world traveling. Plus she’ll love that you went the personal route this year. $35

Tea for One

If your mom loves to unwind with a cup of tea, this Ikat Tea Set will always make her feel like she’s luxuriously indulging. It’s so cute we want it in every color! $38

Mother Daughter Letter Book

Share you and your mom’s amazing relationship and wisdom for generations to come with this keepsake book. The shared book contains 40 cards and envelopes for you and your mom to exchange letters (perfect for your long-distance relationship while you’re at school) and then places to tuck them back into the book so your kids and grandkids can enjoy them one day. $38

Spring Scarf

Jazz up her spring wardrobe with this bright blue persimmon scarf from J.Crew. It’ll keep her a bit warmer too in her tees, in case there continues to be a spring version of the polar vortex. $55

Peacock Feather Wrap Bracelet

You used to want to be just like mom style-wise, and now the tables have turned. Give her an Alex + Ani bracelet, like the one you love, this year with this gorgeous bracelet which represents virtues of charity, hope and faith. $58

Makeup Brushes

Despite knowing we’re supposed to clean our brushes often and not use them for too long, we often let them go on way past their recommended lifespan. So does mom. This deluxe antibacterial brush set from Sephora will replace all of her makeup brushes – from powder to lash, lip to concealer. $60


This cute cover-up will make anyone want to head to the beach, and it’s so cute it’s ok if your mom doesn’t want to take it off. The color is so perfect for a sunny day and the cut is dramatic and flattering! $70


We’re sure your mom already has a wallet, but sometimes, just like you – she wants a snazzy gift, and not a practical one. This Rebecca Minkoff Mason wallet is the perfect mix of pretty and practical, and comes in great, fun spring colors. $95

Yoga Pants

Whether or not your mom actually does yoga, she would still appreciate a pair of the infamous Lululemon yoga groove pants. They’re chic enough to run errands in, and comfy enough for a night in cooking or watching TV with your dad. $98

European Wax Center Gift Card

Make a day out of it with your mom with gift cards to European Wax Center. Whether you two get your brows done side by side, or part ways for a more solo waxing experience, a day at the “spa” is sure to bond you a little more. $100  

Lucianna Stripe Shoes

This might be hard to buy for mom — considering how cute these are — but do your best! These Ugg sandals come with the comfort of Ugg, but with amazingly adorable style. Here’s hoping you two are the same shoe size! $150

Michael Kors Tote

Go all out for your mama this year and treat her to this all black Jet Set tote that will carry everything she could ever need. It’s a bit of a splurge, but if there’s anyone who deserves to be spoiled, it’s her! $228 

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