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15 Things Girls Who Only Wear Leggings Understand


We all know that one girl who only wears leggings. Whether she’s at the gym, running errands, going to class or going out for the night, you bet you can catch her in leggings. In fact, that sounds a lot like you! If leggings are the only thing in your wardrobe, you'll definitely relate to this. 

1. You can never have too many pairs

Leggings are life.

2. Leggings are pants

And don’t tell me otherwise.

3. No, we are not wearing them to call attention to the lower half of our bodies

4. And don’t even think about dress-coding me

5. Truth is, leggings are just so comfy, we don’t want to get out of them

Girls just wanna wear leggings.

6. We can't imagine life without them

7. What the heck were we wearing before leggings came along? Jeans?

SO uncomfortable.

8. Jeggings > jeans

Bless whoever made jeggings.

9. Finding leggings that aren’t see-through is a miracle

It’s even harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

10. Black leggings are a staple

Every girl needs her go-to pair of cotton black leggings.

11. They can be worn year-round

12. And for just about any occasion

You have leggings for the gym, grocery shopping, leisure wear, going out, etc.

13. You live in fleece-lined leggings in the winter

Bears have fur to keep warm. You have fleece leggings to keep warm.

14. Thinking of wearing anything other than leggings is unfathomable

What do you mean I have to wear dress pants to work?

15. If you don’t leave the house in leggings, then the first thing you do when you come home is put on leggings

Reunited and it feels so good.

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