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15 Signs You're A Walking Meme


Memes are good. Memes are great. But for some people they are just literally everything and there is nothing else. Here are 15 things you'll understand if you're one of ~those~.

1. Everything you post is a meme

2. You know about the latest meme trends long before everyone else

3. Most of what you say is in reference to something you saw online

4. You're constantly tagging your friends 

5. And they're constantly not caring 

6. Your camera roll is mostly just jokes you've saved from Tumblr 

7. You have a go-to meme reaction always at the ready 

8. You love putting your own twist on classic memes 

9. Sarcasm is the only way you know to express yourself

10. And your favorite way to communicate with the world

11. Your parents never know what you're talking about

12. Your friends only sometimes know what you're talking about 

13. You appreciate a well-crafted meme 

14. But you know you'll always have the dankest 

15. Because you're a fucking meme queen 

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