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25 Signs You're So Over This Semester


Has anyone seen our motivation? We can't seem to find it. It must've gotten lost somewhere in the end of this semester. If found, please return ASAP.

1. Your bank account is practically nonexistent.  

2. Your naps get longer and more frequent.

3. Your number of days between showers increases and your containers of dry shampoo run out quicker.

4. Taking notes has turned into this:

5. Your meals are either takeout or 100 percent microwaveable.

6. Cleaning isn’t really a thing for you anymore.

7. You no longer feel the need to go grocery shopping, so you just throw together whatever you have around the house.

8. You have so much to do, yet you spend every second of your precious free time doing absolutely nothing.

9. Your outfits have become a smorgasbord of random things pulled from every corner of your apartment - usually a combination of going-out clothes, leggings and sweatshirts.

10. Your incredible Facebook-stalking skills have gone to a whole new level, enlightening you with amazing information, like that Casey’s brother’s friend’s sister’s fiancé’s cousin went to jail for stealing a car. Oh, and that girl in your biology class has a super hot brother who goes to Yale. 

11. You've calculated every single one of your semester grades in the case you bomb the final exams.

12. You begin to think Satan himself created group projects.

13. The phrase “assigned reading” is the funniest joke you’ve ever heard.

14. You begin making collaborative group decisions with your friends about skipping class.

15. And then when your roommate decides at the last minute to go to class, you're like:

16. You start running out of everything, but you continue to violently shake bottles and scrape remains from caps because you don’t want to have to buy any more of anything until you get home.

17. You begin to tire of every food option on campus.

18. Not even coffee is doing the trick anymore.

19. You start throwing sporadic temper tantrums about the simplest of tasks…

20. …and then you reward yourself for accomplishing those basic, everyday tasks you should be doing.

21. When people brag about not having finals, you want to hurt them.

22. You validate every class you skip, quiz you fail, project you half-ass and meeting you miss.

23. Every time you get back from any daunting errand (like going to class or the bathroom) you go right back to where you belong.

24. The only thing you get excited for anymore is the pizza-delivery man knocking on your door.

25.  Every time you start to worry about something, you're like:

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