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5 Things About Wes's Killer on 'HTGAWM' That Don't Make Sense


First I waited nine episodes to find out who was under the sheet. Then another six to discover who killed Wes. And still, Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder ended with more questions than answers, especially when it comes to the details surrounding Wes’s death.

We learned in the final minutes of last night’s finale that Laurel’s father is responsible for offing her BF and baby daddy, with the help of family friend Dominic, who did the actual killing. But WHY??

Here are five things about that killer reveal that don’t make sense.

1. Why did Laurel’s dad want to kill Wes?

Last I saw Mr. Castillo, he was more concerned about Laurel’s interest in Frank. And since Laurel and Wes were together for all of five minutes before he was murdered, it’s hard to believe Laurel’s dad found time to form a grudge against the puppy.

Maybe he ordered Dominic to kill Frank and Dom (can I call you Dom?) got it wrong.

2. How involved is D.A. Denver?

The first half of the two-hour season finale had us believing Denver was to blame for everything—Wes’s death, framing Annalise. He even met with Dominic to get Wes’s phone so he could use it to implicate Connor in Wes’s murder. We know he’s wanted to take Annalise down ever since Sinclair’s murder, but just how deep does his involvement go?

3. Are the Mahoneys in on it at all?

Sure, the Mahoneys had plenty of reasons to want Wes dead. And the show tried to make us think they were responsible. But when all was said and done, I can’t think of a single shred of evidence that actually pointed to them. So were they a distraction? Or are they connected to the murder after all?

4. Why would Laurel’s dad want to pin everything on Annalise?

We know why Denver wanted to convict Annalise, but Laurel’s father seemed to be aiding him—from the affidavit that discredited Laurel to turning over Wes’s phone. What’s his motive here?

5. Who tf is Dominic?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nicholas Gonzalez. But I need WAY more information about Dominic than just “family friend.” This guy was willing to kill Wes on orders from Laurel’s father. He’s obviously more than the kind of family friend you see once a year at Christmas.

Welp, I'll be scratching my head until HTGAWM returns in the fall. In the meantime, let me know if you have any legitimate answers to my infinite questions. 

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