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15 Reactions You Have When Your Friends Start Growing Up


One minute you're getting brunch after going out on Friday night, and the next minute one of your best friends is engaged, another one is pregnant and another just got an amazing job offer. You're happy for her. But what about brunch, though?

1. "I'm so happy for you!"

Whether your friends are getting engaged, having children or getting promotions at work, you're happy when they're happy.

2. "When did we get so old?"

Wasn't graduation just, like, three days ago?

3. "I feel like the awkward kid at the grown-up table."

You're like a child surrounded by adults, unsure of how to contribute to their conversations about things you haven't experienced yet.

4. "Meanwhile, my love life still looks like this."

You're pretty certain you won't be getting married soon.

5. "Are my friends going to be too busy for me?"

You and your friends were all busy anyway. Does this mean they'll have even less time?

6. "Can we still get brunch, though?"

Surely they can't be too busy to get brunch sometimes. Right? Right?!?!

7. "I get to be in weddings!"

8. "How much is this going to cost me?"

Wedding gifts, dresses, bridal showers…and you're the friend who hasn't gotten a job promotion…

9. "I hope they don't try to set me up with their weird cousins."

I'm fine being single, thank you.

10. "I always knew my friends would accomplish great things."

It's no surprise that they're getting amazing jobs. They deserve it.

11. "Okay, but how many of them are getting married?"

Seriously, it's a little strange.

12. "I'm getting just a little impatient."

You wouldn't mind getting promoted any day now…

13. "But I'm fine with having fewer responsibilities for now."

Without a husband or a child or an intense job, your life is less stressful.

14. "My friends are awesome."

They handle all of the stress and responsibilities like pros.

15. "But is there anyone left who still wants to get drunk and complain about dating?"


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