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17 Things We Say During Finals Week (& What We Actually Mean)


During finals week, we all have a tendency to embellish the truth a bit. Whether we're pretending to have it all together while we're really falling apart or we're pretending to fall apart while we're really just watching movies in bed, here are a few things we've all been guilty of saying—and what we're actually trying to say. 

1. What we say: “Want to study with me?”

What we mean: “Want to reteach me everything I should have learned this semester?”

2. What we say: “Will this exam be open book?”

What we mean: “Will I have one fewer exam to study for?”

3. What we say: “I haven’t slept in three days!”

What we mean: “I’ve been staying up all night watching Netflix and taking eight-hour naps during the day.”

4. What we say: “I’ve been studying like crazy.”

What we mean: “I’ve spent more time making flash cards than actually reviewing the material.”

5. What we say: “Yeah, I did a little bit of studying for this one.” 

What we mean: “I’m totally prepared, but I don’t feel like helping you study.”

6. What we say: “Seriously, I don’t even care about this class.”

What we mean: “The chances of me passing this final are slim to none.”

7. What we say: “I didn’t think that exam was too bad.”

What we mean: “I totally aced it.”

8.What we say: “We should compare notes.”

What we mean: “You should let me copy your notes.”

9. What we say: “I’m just going to take a quick power nap.”

What we mean: “I’m going to slip into a three-hour coma.”

10. What we say: “We should team up and study as a group!”

What we mean: “You should do all the work.”

11. What we say: “I didn’t realize that final was going to be cumulative.”

What we mean: “I just failed that final.”

12. What we say: “I’m going to hit the library super early tomorrow.”

What we mean: “I’m going to set my alarm for 8 a.m. and keep hitting snooze until noon.”

13. What we say: “I’m going to be in the library all day.”

What we mean: “I’m going to be in the library procrastinating on the Internet all day.”

14. What we say: “Is there going to be a review session?”

What we mean: “Will someone be telling me what this exam is on?”

15. What we say: “Okay, I really need to study now.”

What we mean: “I’m going to procrastinate for another few hours.”

16. What we say: “Finals week calories don’t count!”

What we mean: “I’m eating my feelings.”

17. What we say: “Maybe I shouldn’t have skipped as many classes as I did.”

What we mean: “I’m probably going to have to take this class again next semester.”

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