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How to Kick Ass on the First Day, According to Ann Shoket


When it comes to badass babes, there is no one more suited for that title than former editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine, Ann Shoket. In fact, she isn't just a badass babe herself, but she is also teaching other women how to be one in her new book "THE BIG LIFE." According to her website, the badass babes of the world "are a sisterhood of women who are determined to carve their own path, on their own terms" and everyone has the potential to be one. Although her book does not come out until March 14th, Ann Shoket is here to help you get one step closer to kicking ass at your dream job. Read on for the scoop from our chat with Ann.

1. A student gets her dream job. Weeks go by and suddenly the first day is here. What can she do to make the best impression? 

Your first impression has started long before you step into the office on the first day. People started putting together an idea of who you are from your first cover letter and resume. Your emails, your stationery, your handshake, your outfit, even how you took off your coat when you came into the interview and who you thanked (or forgot to) on the way out, are all pieces of your first impression. Your first job is nothing like college—the days are longer, everyone is busy, and after the first day or two no one is really thinking about what you need or how to help you do your job, they just need you to do it! So when you come into your job on day one, be friendly, remember people’s names, take notes to help you remember the processes and ask someone to lunch for some off-the-record intel about how the job really works. At the end of the day, stay until someone lets you know that it’s time to wrap up and go—it drives bosses nuts if you ask to clock out at 5pm!

2. What do you recommend that an intern wear on her first day at the office of a fashion magazine? 

We’re at an amazing moment of celebrating personal style in the world—and if you’re in the fashion or beauty department, your look should showcase your own vibe. If you’re not, the key is to just look put together—nothing complicated, nothing ripped. And please: no shorts, no flip flops.

3. Are there certain questions to ask right off the bat at work? 

How can I help you?

4. What are some no-go’s for the first day? 

Don’t endlessly catalog your day on social (unless doing social media is your job!). I once walked into the ladies room and two interns were in there filming videos—and it was not part of their job.

5. What should every intern bring to their first day of work? 

A notebook.

6. Is there anything they should prepare in advance? 

You’ve been preparing for this moment for years. Don’t add more pressure on yourself. This is the beginning of your Big Life!

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