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15 Things Only Girls from Orange County Understand


As an Orange County girl, there are certain things you learn/know after living in this bubble. Although very beautiful, OC has a bad reputation. I swear we aren't all rich, white and snotty! There are people, like me, that make the place a little more well-rounded. There are some amazing things about OC like Yogurtland, acai bowls and Laguna Beach. Here's a list that'll hit home for my OC girls.

1. Top of the world is a weekly hike that happens. For the Instagram opportunities of course.

2. You always get asked if this is L.A. No.

3. Letting your inner Disney princess out at Disneyland.

4. The son of a Real Housewife of OC is in your calculus class.

5. You skip classes to go to the beach since it's only 15 minutes away.

6. Acai bowls are life.

7. The hang spots are really Irvine Spectrum or Mission Viejo Mall.

8. In n Out is a must on a summer day.

9. Then you follow up with some Yogurtland.

10. Instagram opportunities are plentiful at the Packing District in Anaheim. 

11. Meeting at the movies needs to be specified. Irvine Spectrum’s theater, the one in Foothill or Aliso Viejo?

12. Kaleidoscope is teeny-boppers galore, but there’s Yogurtland there so it's worth it.

13. San Juan Capistrano is the place for photo shoots of all kind. Senior pics, graduation or fashion photo shoots, whatever you’re in the mood for.

14. Dance pictures at the train tracks? Duh.

15. 70 degrees is cold. 

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