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27 Things Only Girls With Thick Hair Understand


Anyone with thick hair knows that it comes with plenty of pros and also plenty of cons. It takes a lot of time and effort to make your hair look as beautiful (and tamed) as it does. And sometimes, you wish it could be a little thinner. Here are things anyone with thick hair is familiar with. 

1. Elastics do NOT last forever

And you hate it. 

2. You always need more than one box of hair dye

It's breaking the bank! 

3. It takes more than a few bobby pins to put your hair up

Not to mention the time it takes to position them. 

4. You own enough hair products to stock a drug store

Don't judge me. 

5. Wind is the worst thing that can happen

Bad weather can totally ruin your day. 

6. Your hair is insane when you take it out of a messy bun

It has a mind of its own. 

7. Brushing your hair is generally not an option


Unless you like excruciating pain. 

8. Neither is straightening it

You just want your hair to be silky smooth. 

9. You often compare your hair to a lion’s mane or sheep’s wool

Whatever it is, it's crazy. 

10. The drain is always clogged

But the worst is when you have to un-clog it. 

11. You are often tempted to just shave all your hair off

At least you'd have more time in the mornings! 

12. Bangs were the worst decision of your life

How could you have been so stupid? 

13. You shed to the point where it’s concerning

How am I not bald yet? 

14. You have to wake up earlier than everyone to deal with it in the morning

And it makes you grumpy. 

15. Showering takes foreveeeeer

So much hair to shampoo and condition. 

16. You get headaches when you wear your hair up for too long

Why does your hair hate you???

17. You have lost an elastic or two in your hair

Where did it go?! 

18. Drying your hair naturally can take hours or even days

Ain't nobody got time for that. 

19. Your hair actually makes your hair sweat in summer


20. Humidity is the devil

You should just never go outside. 

21. Your hair even stresses your hair dresser out

And that's not a good sign. 

22. You use way more conditioner than shampoo

23. You have definitely broken a hairbrush once or twice

Blame the hair. 

24. Not even a hat can solve a bad hair day

You just gotta wash it all over again. 

25. You have no need for hair extensions

You've got all the thickness you need. 

26. Blow drying your hair makes your arms hurt


27. Everyone always tells you how jealous they are of your hair

Because your hair is pretty great. 


No matter how much your thick hair bothers you, in the end you know you have the most luscious hair in the world—and you wouldn't trade it for anything! You love your hair no matter what and you are totally prepared to defend it to anyone. 

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