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23 Things Only Competitive Girls Understand


All I do is win, win, win, no matter what—sound familiar? If you’ve said (or maybe chanted) the words of DJ Khaled one too many times, you’re probably WELL aware that you are a competitive person. After all, a little friendly (or not so friendly…) competition never hurt anybody. Here’s to all the people who are in it to win it and can’t stop, won’t stop cause well, you're winning at life. 

1. Pretty much everything is a competition to you

Even if your competition isn't aware of it.

2. At game nights, you reign

And may cause some temporarily broken friendships.

3. "All I Do Is Win" is your freaking anthem

DJ Khaled (and our homegirl Emma Stone) knows what’s up.

4. If you’re not good at something, you won’t bother participating

Tbh what’s the point if you’re not going to win? Why would anyone set themselves up for failure? 

5. You expect nothing short of perfection

6. Paris Geller is your spirit animal 

Shout-out to our Gilmore Girls homegirl. 

7. You LOVE Jane from Happy Endings

Relatability level is off the freaking charts. 

8. And you're the Monica of your friend group

9. You're dating or hoping to date someone who's (almost) as competitive as you

Cause it just ain't possible for anyone to be on your level, you know what I'm saying?

10. You LOVE watching and playing competitive sports

And when—not if—you or your team wins, there is no end to the gloating—hey, don't hate the player, hate the game.

11. You seriously hate group projects

I don’t need anybody dragging me down. 

12. You’re top of the class

And pretty much top of everything. 

13. You’re definitely a Type A kind of girl

Competitive, outgoing, ambitious, fast-paced—yep, sounds about right. 

14. You’ve done something just because someone told you you couldn’t do it

The feeling of proving people wrong never ever gets old.

15. You literally cannot handle being put on the same team as non-competitive people

Just why?

16. You don't know how to deal with losing

It's not something you can just like get over. 

17. Second or last place, it's all the same to you 

18. You don’t understand people who don’t always bring their A game

Isn’t it a given that you should put 110 percent into everything?

19. Your dream is to compete on a game show

20. You’re always confident in your abilities

Beyoncé said it best.

21. You pretty much consider yourself your biggest competition

Cause you'll keep working to get yourself on a whole 'nother level. 

22. Some people don’t understand your intensity and competitive nature

23. But you don’t care because you’re too busy #winning

And that never stops feeling awesome. 

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