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7 Things That Make Guys Swipe Right Immediately


The quest to find prince charming on a dating app, namely Tinder, has proven to be a daunting task. College-aged guys on Tinder range from the serial right-swipers to the guys so analytical about the types of pictures and bio you post. If you haven’t given up hope of finding a connection on Tinder, we asked seven college guys what makes them automatically swipe right on a girl. Their answers may (or may not) surprise you.

1. A clever bio

It’s hard to determine how much or how little information we want to reveal about ourselves on Tinder. However, for guys who claim that they are looking for more than just a hookup, they like to know who you are beyond a face.

Michael Grayhand, a junior at Georgia Southern University, wants to know the basics about the girls he swipes right for – age and/or school, favorite quote or witty statement and their passions. 

“While I don’t expect a girl to lay out her whole life story, I want to know something about her to see if there is something we connect over right off the bat,” he says. “So please don’t leave it blank! Or be basic and say ‘I love kittens.’ And? So does everyone else.”

So if you’re comfortable, let the dating pool know what makes you unique.

2. Being passionate about something

Attraction is a big part of what initially draws someone to you, but according to guys, seeing a woman who is driven makes her ten times more appealing.

Parker Lanza, a sophomore at the University of Georgia, met his current girlfriend on Tinder and was immediately drawn to her passion for dancing.

“My girlfriend is a professional salsa dancer, and I remember seeing pictures of her dancing on her Tinder,” he says. “Not only did she look beautiful dancing, it was so attractive that she was showing off her working hard.”

So whether it be a sport, your job or volunteering that you’re passionate about, a worthy guy will take interest in what makes you tick.

3. Seeing you alone in pictures 

It’s safe to conclude that guys don’t want to have to think too hard about swiping. They want to get a definite feel of what you look like easily, which is why they will left swipe on a girl with too many group pictures.

According to Rashad King, a senior at Kentucky State University, even if you are potentially the girl of a guy’s dreams, guys won’t think twice about swiping left if they can’t tell which girl you are in the picture.

“I don’t want to have to investigate who the girl is in the picture,” he says. “One group picture is cool, but I’m looking to hang out with you, not your four best friends. So why are they included?”

P.S. Guys could definitely benefit from this tip too!

4. Having a variety of pictures

The hardest part of creating a Tinder profile is picking what pictures to post. Guys want to see you in a variety of different settings.

Chris Colfer, a sophomore at Kennesaw State University, likes to see potential Tinder matches in many lights – dressed up, chilling out and maybe a selfie or two thrown in.

“It’s weird to me if a girl only has selfies in her bathroom,” he says. “So if you’ve traveled abroad or are always at this certain coffee shop, it’s cool to see.”

So even if your best pictures are from your birthday, don’t post all of them at once.

5. Sports gear

As typical as it may seem, guys like when a girl is into sports (surprise, surprise.) Xavi LaCosta, a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, gives brownie points to any woman supporting a sports team.

“Even if you’re just representing your school, seeing a lady in a jersey does something to my heart,” he says.

However, if you aren’t into sports, don’t go out and buy a jersey just for a guy. It’s not worth it!

From guys strictly NOT looking for relationships…

6. Pictures of you partying

Some women refrain from posting pictures of us partying in fear of looking “trashy,” but some guys on Tinder actually want to see that. Gio Ramos, a junior at Kennesaw State University, likes seeing girls at bars, fraternity houses and generally having a good time.

“If I see a girl that likes to go out, I’ll swipe right,” he says. “Maybe that turns some guys off, but I’m looking for someone to go out and have a good time with me.”

So if you’re looking for a drinking buddy, don’t worry about having to tone down how you look on Tinder. There's no shame in going out and having a good time, so if you're the type of girl that likes to live it up, don't be ashamed. 

7. Full body pictures

This screams degrading, but guys admitted to swiping right on girls with full body pictures, and those who show off their body.

Austin*, a junior at the University of Georgia, views Tinder as strictly a hookup app. “If a girl is cute, has a nice body of course I’m going to swipe right,” he says.

Let’s not pretend we’re surprised, though.

While keeping these suggestions in mind, remember to just be you. Never pretend to be someone you aren’t to impress a guy. Tinder is an experience full of lows and highs, so happy swiping!

*Name has been changed

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