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13 Reasons Why Mulan is the Most Badass Disney Princess


Strong morals, perfect hair—what more could you want from a Disney protagonist? While we love Belle’s intelligence and Jasmine’s sense of adventure, there’s something about Mulan that sets her apart from the other Disney princesses. Unlike a lot of female characters in older Disney movies, Mulan demonstrates some pure badass talent. We could all learn a lesson or two from Disney’s fiercest warrior princess!

1. She’ll do anything to protect her loved ones

She takes her father’s place in the war, passes as a man, undergoes hard physical training and defeats the Huns…yeah, it’s safe to say she’ll do anything to protect her family.

2. She rejects outdated traditionswithout being rude

Mulan isn’t afraid to stand up for herself when it comes to her role in society, but she’s sure not to offend her family and community in the process. It can be easy to oppose what others think, but it takes class to express your opposing opinion without offending others.

3. Three words: strong eyebrow game

She gives Cara Delevingne a run for her money.

4. She stands up for what she believes inat any cost

Mulan has strong morals and sticks to them no matter what, even if the whole country disagrees.

5. She defies common gender roles

While she does have gorgeous straight hair and perfect eyebrows like the other single women in her community, Mulan’s priorities lie elsewhere. She dedicates her time to learning, helping others and doing what she’s most interested in, even if it’s not what’s expected of her.

6. She’s outspoken

It’s one thing to defy society, but it’s a whole lot harder to speak up about it. Mulan isn’t afraid to voice her opinion, even when she knows it’s not a popular one.

7. She rocks a middle part

And, let’s be honest, that’s not easy to do.

8. She never gives up

Even when she’s told she can’t replace her father in the war, she does it. Even when the physical training seems impossible, she conquers it. Even when the Huns seem unbeatable, she thinks ahead and defeats them. And even when it seems her whole country is against what she stands for, she sticks up for herself.

9. She stands up for women who don’t fit into traditional female stereotypes

It’s one thing to reject traditional roles yourself, but it’s another thing to stand up for others in the same position. Mulan isn’t afraid to stick up for the women who value things that don’t necessarily go along with traditional views.

10. She doesn’t need a man

Unlike many protagonists in Disney movies, Mulan’s mission isn’t to get the prince. On the contrary, her goal is to protect her family and save China—the guy is just a plus!

11. She has a great singing voice

Don’t even try to deny it—you know you sang along every time.

12. She makes friends, even in difficult situations


Though her fellow warriors weren’t exactly welcoming at the beginning of Mulan’s training, she overcame their harsh words and actions and befriended them. She shows that being the bigger person can often pay off.

13. She keeps things in perspective

It’s one thing to save the whole country of China, but it’s another to do so and stay humble. Mulan keeps things in perspective and always knows what is most important to her.

Needless to say, we need Disney to pump out some more badass female role models like Mulan. Not only can she rock the middle part, but she can fight a war and change the minds of China while she’s at it. If that’s not badass, we don’t know what is.

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