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18 Signs You Need Another Break Already


As winter breaks across the country come to their bittersweet end, many collegiettes find themselves in a rut. Getting back to school is a fun-filled experience; however, many students feel the stress of the oncoming semester overwhelming. Here are 18 signs you need another break already.

1. You were stressing about finals during syllabus week

2. You're having serious trouble adjusting to a normal sleeping schedule

3. You're WAY too exhausted from getting less than 12 hours of sleep to do any unnecessary activities

4. You have already reached the allotted unexcused absences in all of your classes

5. You don’t understand how anyone can go out and party during this period of mourning break

6. Your excitement lasted for approximately one night of drunken shenanigans

7. Putting all of your assignments into your schedule feels like signing a DNR

8. You can’t get through more than a couple of hours without texting your hometown group chat

9. You're already out of money and have yet to buy your textbooks

10. You and your friends are already making a bucket list for spring break

11. You realize how bad dining hall food actually is

12. You would trade in last semester’s As for just one last home-cooked meal

13. You're re-watching the Netflix series you watched at home just to reminisce of the good old days

14. After one glance of a picture of your dog you’re ready to burst into tears

15. You call the housing office to see if you can bring you dog to school with you if you make your roommate move out

16. You get into fights with your mom when she goes to your favorite restaurants at home without you

17. The thought of getting your shit together for the semester makes you want to crawl under your XL twin bed and never come out

18. But you know you have to so you just keep calm and fill your spare time with Netflix

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