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25 College Women Weigh In on Betsy DeVos


Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education. The extraordinarily polarizing Donald Trump campaign contributor narrowly made it through Congress, with Vice President Mike Pence proudly casting a tie-breaking vote to confirm the president’s nominee.

While POTUS and his VP certainly believe in DeVos, with Pence writing on February 7 that in DeVos “we have one of America’s foremost advocates for educational opportunity and excellence,” not everyone agrees.

Critics of DeVos slam the fact that she has never gone to public school, never sent her children to public school and has no experience working in public school and her only merit for the position is that her mega-rich family has donated millions of dollars to the Republican Party.

We asked 25 college women what they think of DeVos and her new role — read their answers below.

“I think she bought her position. She is NOT qualified for the position by any means.”

-Dani, Winthrop College Class of 2017

“This is a clear example of the faulty party system. If the republicans were not scared of infuriating their party and the president, she never would have been confirmed and the country would be better off.”

-Lindsey, Clemson University Class of 2019

“I’m happy [about it].”

-Clare, Winona State Class of 2018

“Betsy DeVos is completely unqualified for this position. She has never been to public school or put her kids through public school, and she has no experience in public education whatsoever. She would not have gotten this position if she hadn't paid her way into the cabinet, and I am angry and scared for the children who will be affected by her ignorance in the future.”

-Linden, California Lutheran University Class of 2017

“You wouldn't hire me, an art student, to be the Secretary of Education. I have loans, went to public school, and was raised by a teacher. She has done none of those things. I am more qualified than DeVos (I use the term qualified lightly; and even so, it should really enforce that she is not great), and yet, somehow she got the job. She is unqualified and not representative of the job title. Who in the world would hire an unqualified woman?”

-Kellie, Savannah College of Art & Design Class of 2019

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“It feels something out of a dystopian novel, not something from reality. Our education system is already struggling compared to other countries, and now it's being run by someone who knows more about bottom lines than heart. “

-Rachel, Clemson University Class of 2018

“I like her. I went to public school my entire life and honestly it was awful. I wish I went to private school. My children will 100% go to private schools and I think getting a voucher is a great way to take back some of the taxes we would pay for public schools we never attend.”

-Emily, University of Minnesota Class of 2016

 “She’s an unqualified billionaire whose life would be better spent in peaceful retirement than screwing over the public education system even further.”

-Nurah, Tulane University Class of 2020

“Considering I am still in college, and plan on having children within the next 10 years, all I can hope is that this inexperienced twat will not screw up the public school system.”

-Theresa, University of West Florida Class of 2018

“I think it's downright disgraceful. The entire situation baffles me because her credentials are nonexistent. I do not feel comfortable in the slightest with her overseeing regulations for my education and my siblings. There is no way she can relate to a minority like me and I'm sure her policies will reflect that.”

-Ciarra, North Carolina A&T State University Class of 2018

“I think Betsy DeVos is probably the most unqualified person alive to be the Secretary of Education.”

-Meghan, The University of Michigan Class of 2019

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“I'm incredibly disappointed. How can someone who doesn't believe in public schools be education secretary? Even my very conservative friend who teaches in a public school agrees.”

-Maggie, Kenyon College Class of 2017

“Betsy DeVos' confirmation as Secretary of Education is an insult to our American education system. Not only is she extremely unqualified, but despite the fact that there was evidence that she was unqualified, she still got confirmed and that is shocking. In my lifetime, I've attended a private school, a public school, and a charter public high school. I have first-hand experience of seeing corruption in education systems, and the impact it has on students. If DeVos is to succeed as Secretary of Education, she must care about all students, rather than her own personal agenda. I love education and I'm extremely concerned about how DeVos' position will impact minority groups.”

-Celine, San Francisco State University Class of 2020

“I don't have a strong opinion about her. I think that she's unqualified for the position since the position shouldn't exist in the first place. There is no need for her department.”

-Tabitha, Armstrong State University Class of 2019

“Betsy DeVos is like Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter. She's unqualified to be in her position, is in her position to benefit herself and those above her, and she does not have best interest of the children. I'm scarred of what she'll do to our school systems. Not everyone can afford to go to a private or charter school, and not all private and charter schools are the best option for every child. She took this position for it's power but she has nothing positive to add to our school systems and I hope she has enough sense not to hurt the educational futures of many children in the United States.”

-Julia, University of Wisconsin-Madison Class of 2017

“As a Republican that has had experience teaching in public schools, I am deeply disappointed in her confirmation. The position of Secretary of Education should be held by someone who has an up close view of public schools and someone who has actually taught in a classroom.”

-Allie, Virginia Tech Class of 2019

“I think it's a complete joke. The fact that Pence had to break the tie shows how disliked she actually is. The Republican Party is the real life example of the blind leading the blind. Not only is she made of money and has no actual experience in education, but she bought off so many people in order to guarantee her being a part of the government. I know plenty of educators, a handful of them being my family, who are completely opposed and disgusted with the Senate confirming her. She knows nothing about the system and we need someone who knows how to connect with students, teachers, administrators, and knows how to reform the education system. We don't need someone who believes bears will just walk in a school and that's why we need guns.”

-Melissa, The University of Alabama Class of 2017

“Turns out that as long as you have a disgustingly large sum of money and fund the Republican Party's existence, you can get any role.”

-Anita, University of Victoria Class of 2018

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“At first I was vehemently opposed because I am passionate about education and I had heard such terrible things about her on social media. But I went on her website and came to her conclusion that she is not as bad as people make her out to be. She has donated so much of her time, not just money, to education betterment. However, I am concerned that she only got this position because of her wealth. I think there are definitely much more qualified people than her, but I am going to wait and she how her plans work out. I hope she doesn't take too much funding from public schools, though!”

-Jaclyn, Regent University Class of 2018

“She's so unqualified. I'm an elementary education major and her confirmation concerns me deeply. Her support of school vouchers and school choice will only widen the gaps that already exist for students. She has no experience in the field of public education at all and I feel like she has no grasp of what are students really need. We don't need guns to protect us from bears, we need good teacher training, adequate materials, and young moldable minds to fight back against this administration. I'm honestly so worried.”

-Kaitlin, University of Central Florida Class of 2018

“I am not surprised. Donald Trump is our President, so why wouldn't we just keep following the pattern of electing rich business people who know nothing about real work or having to struggle as our officials. America is great!!”

-Isabelle, St. Lawrence University Class of 2020

“She rocks!”

-Rebecca, Rutgers University Class of 2018

“Absolutely terrible choice. As someone majoring in child development, I am shocked and appalled at some of her responses to questions during her confirmation hearing, particularly regarding school choice and the rights of special needs children. It's blatantly obvious the job was given to her because her family bank rolled the way.”

-Alex, Georgia Southern University Class of 2018

“As a student with disabilities living in Florida I am very saddened that Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Secretary of Education. She is unqualified and unfit to be the leader of our public schools. She has demonstrated that she is uninformed, not even knowing the difference between proficiency and growth. She has stated she wants to defund out public schools and promote schools for profit, this is a horrible idea, our schools need to be funded and stay public. Guns do not belong in our schools, period. She is not for federal funding of the IDEA act, an act which gives kids like me with disabilities the same opportunity as everyone else. I depend on the IDEA act and my IEP to get through college. What state I live in shouldn't be a deciding factor in if I should get the same opportunity as other students. Betsy DeVos has shown us that you can buy your way to the top, but can I, a student, buy my way through a state standardize test? No. Congratulations Betsy DeVos on your wrongful confirmation, you better buckle up and hang on, for we will never stop fighting for students rights.”

-Molly, Saint John’s River State Class of 2018

“I think it's the worst think this administration has done yet. All the prior nonsense has hurt the adult world. Betsy DeVos' confirmation will be hurting children now and for years to come. She has less experience than any secretary prior, believes that all kids should just 'go to private school', and she supports the implementation of charter schools, which have been proven less effective than parental homeschooling. She is the living epitome of 'let them eat cake', and our children will suffer for it.”

-Caroline, University of Pittsburgh Class of 2019

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