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18 Signs You're From Kansas


It's definitely hard to explain to other people what living in Kansas is like. When you tell someone you're from the Sunflower State, common responses include references to The Wizard of Oz, or "What do you even do there?" Kansas may not have mountains like Colorado or an ocean like California—but there are some things that come with the territory. Those who grew up here know the following to be true:

1. There is no middle ground when it comes to college sports

basketball ku kansas jayhawks

You're either raised a K-State or KU fan. Most of the time, you absolutely loathe the opposite team, too.

2. If you didn't have a pool, you were miserable all summer

sweating hot james mcavoy fanning

You were so jealous of your friends that did (and spent most of your time at their houses).

3. Hot summers don't compare to the harsh winters

The only good part about all of the snow was getting days off from school.

4. Driving through the Flint Hills is the worst

So. Boring.

5. You know what the "Little Apple" is

"Where are you from?"
"Oh, New York? Wow!"
"No, Kansas."

6. The parties you went to were straight out of a country music video

party summer alcohol country grace potter

Bonfires, kegs, sitting on truck tailgates—you name it.

7. You know that harvest is the most important time of the year

Especially for your friends that had to help with it.

8. Unless you're from Johnson County

paris hilton leave celebrities girl no

A.K.A. the Beverly Hills of Kansas.

9. Driving around and listening to music with friends was the best way to spend your weekends

Although, driving around did get old after looping the same five blocks over and over again.

10. You constantly have to explain that Kansas City belongs to both Kansas and Missouri

tv reactions eyes eye roll eyeroll

It's just too much city for one state, okay?

11. You've had a Cozy Inn burger

And loved it, of course.

12. And even though the Chiefs and Royals are in Missouri, you still rooted for them

MLB.com sports mlb baseball royals

Through the good and the (mostly) bad.

13. Worlds of Fun was your yearly family vacation

theme park roller coaster

Worlds of Fun one day, Oceans of Fun the next.

14. Facebook is flooded with sunflower pictures in the fall

Practically everyone had their senior pictures done in a sunflower field.

15. Nearly everyone is a Republican, unless they're from Lawrence

You also referred to Lawrence as the "blue dot in a sea of red."

16. Your friends from college have no desire to visit

*Pretends not to understand why someone who lives in California wouldn't want to vacation in Kansas.*

17. But that doesn't make you love it any less

Even though you complain about it all the time.

18. And it will always be home

The only quote from The Wizard of Oz that's relevant.

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