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19 Things You'd Rather Do on Valentine's Day Than Go on a Date


Valentine’s Day is coming up and you don’t have a date, but who cares? This Hallmark holiday is pretty overrated anyway. You’d much rather do something more useful (and less painful) with your time. Here are 19 better things to do than go on a date for Valentine’s Day.

1. Shave your legs

Then you can cuddle under your freshly dried sheets all by your damn self because who needs a valentine?

2. Get your period

You can lay in bed crying while eating all the Valentine’s Day-themed chocolate your hormonal self desires.

3. Have your wisdom teeth removed

You’d much rather be confused from laughing gas than from a date who sends mixed signals.

4. Retake your most difficult class

You’ll come across less obstacles with this than with trying to figure out a person.

5. Drink straight out of a handle 

Better chance of getting drunk = better chance of forgetting Valentine’s Day.

6. Listen to Kidz Bop on repeat

This hurts less than getting your heart broken.

7. Play 16 squares

You’d rather get hooked on this than a crush.

8. Go to the gym

There’s a better chance of you fulfilling your New Year’s resolution of getting fit than actually getting a date.

9. Eat cereal without milk

This is just about how dry your phone is.

10. Run a race without practicing

You don’t need a crappy date to prove that you’re a failure.

11. Relive Election Day 2016

Watch the country slowly crash and burn, just like your love life.

12. Get lost without GPS

You have a better chance finding your way back on the right path than finding your way out of a horrible date.

13. Rub your eyes after doing your makeup

Better to have your makeup ruined than your dignity.

14. Wear heels for the rest of your life

This will be less painful than an awkward date.

15. Wear a bra

This is less annoying than Valentine’s Day.

16. Ruin your nails after a manicure

At least you can fix this, unlike the douchebag who asked you to be their valentine at the last minute because they had no one else left.

17. Buy a faulty curling iron

This can be taken back, unlike a day wasted on a Valentine’s Day date.

18. Have cramps

This is more bearable than someone confessing their love to you.

19. Hang with your girl gang

Galentine’s Day > Valentine’s Day

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