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11 Signs You and Your BFF Know Too Much About Each Other


When it comes to you and your bestie, nothing comes in between! But sometimes, you two know just a little bit too much about each other.

1. You share a never-ending list of nicknames for people around campus

Whether it’s your crush or someone you don't like, you can still talk to your BFF about them even when they're right next to you.

2. You both have to try really hard to be cool around your crush

It’s obvious why you have to play it cool, but your best friend might burst into laughter or give it away somehow if they don’t actively keep their cool, too.

3. An entire conversation can consist of just a series of looks

Forget about having your own nonsensical language—you two don’t even need words to communicate half the time.

4. When someone else is telling a story they already told your best friend, you have to act like you haven’t heard it already

Yeah, of course you know everything about your bestie...and that includes a lot about your bestie’s other friends, too!

5. Shopping for your BFF is super easy

When it comes to most people, shopping for presents can be daunting even if you consider that person pretty close to you. But when you’re out looking for a present for your BFF, certain things just scream her name at you.

6. You’re not afraid to come to her with the embarrassing stuff

But she'll never judge, so don't worry!

7. She can spot your type in a millisecond

If you didn’t notice your potential soulmate sitting across the room, your bestie definitely did!

8. When she starts talking about relationship problems, you can already tell which way it's headed

9. She knows when you’ve reached your limit

10. You trust her with all your weaknesses

She knows that insanely cute puppy pic she tagged you in is about to make you bawl.

11. You've got backup plans for what to say when someone comes close to figuring out one of your secrets

You have to be on the same page for your story to be believable!

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