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15 Signs You & Your Mom Are Basically the Same Person


It usually takes going away to college and living separately from your mom to really appreciate just how amazing she is. Not having our moms show up for us at a moment’s notice anymore totally makes us miss their advice, their hugs and obviously their cooking because nobody can make dinner like Mom does.

If there’s anything else that living on our own teaches us, it’s that we all inevitably become our mothers someday. These 15 moments are huge signs that you are basically the exact same person as your dear ol' mom.

1. You figure out that your mom’s cleanliness has rubbed off on you

Suddenly you’re screaming at your housemates for leaving dirty dishes in the sink because Mom’s kitchen was always spotless.

2. You ask your friends to text you when they get home safely

How are you supposed to get a good night’s sleep otherwise?!

3. You and your mom buy the same shirt without consulting each other

Just don’t wear it at the same time.

4. You’re both painstakingly early (or embarrassingly late) for events

You and Mom obviously have the same internal clock.

5. You and your mom find the same celebrities attractive

What’s weirder, being a 20-something and crushing on the 36-year-old Bachelor or being over 50 and crushing on the Bachelor?

6. You unintentionally style your hair the same way

Your mom rocks so much more than the typical “mom ‘do.”

7. As you get older, you realize that you make friends with the same kind of people your mom does

She taught you to find people who know how to treat you right.

8. The two of you use the same corny sayings in everyday conversation

Fess up, you totally taught her the meaning of “lit.”

9. One of you starts watching a Netflix series and the other one starts too

I mean, now you have someone to gab about Stranger Things with.

10. You share a downright annoying pet peeve

You text each other in fury whenever you see a dog dressed as a human.

11. You and Mom appreciate the same kind of cocktail or other alcoholic drink

Good taste in liquor runs in the family.

12. You learned everything you know about organization (or lack thereof) from her

She showed you how to color code, and you taught her how to use organization apps.

13. You can get into pretty intense arguments because you’re so similar

You definitely know how to push each other’s buttons.

14. If you answer her phone, her friends think you sound like her

Genetics, man.

15. You don’t deny that the two of you are the same because there’s no one else you’d rather be like

Moms are just the best.

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