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10 Moments During This Week's 'Bachelor' That Made Me Want to Choke Nick


During last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Jasmine spiraled WAY out of control, threatening to choke Nick for not giving her the validation and reassurance he’s given the other women. At first, I thought, “This girl is completely crazy.” But by the time the night was over, I was ready to choke Nick, too.

1. When Nick said he sent Taylor home because of where his heart was at with Corinne

Yeah right. We all know you’re keeping her around for the ratings, buddy.

2. When he sent Alexis home

Shark/dolphin girl deserves her own spinoff. Someone start a petition, and I will personally deliver it at the feet of Mike Fleiss.

3. When the women lost their minds playing volleyball

They eventually refused to compete for Nick’s attention, but not before he ogled them from the sidelines for what felt like forever.

4. When Jasmine started mock-choking him and he just awkwardly smiled

I don’t care if it does make for good television, you prob shouldn’t let this woman choke you. Defend yourself, weakling!

5. When he told us he could see himself spending his life with Whitney

Never heard her say a word before this episode. I doubt your connection is that deep.

6. When he made us sit through his boring date conversation with Danielle L.

*Talking about first date* *Talking vaguely about the kind of relationship they want* *Crickets literally chirping in the background*

7. When he took Danielle L. on the rest of the two-on-one date…and THEN dumped her

There’s 12 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

8. When he went to the women’s hotel room to cry about his bad dates

Pull yourself together, man.

9. And then said he wasn’t sure he could do this anymore

Wait, what? You signed a contract.

10. And then just walked out!

Nick is his own cliffhanger.

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