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15 Things Biracial People Are Tired of Hearing


We're pretty sure you've met multiple biracial people in your lifetime. We're also pretty sure that you've heard or witnessed the intense amount of ignorance and backhanded compliments those people have had to deal with. When it comes to the things you say to biracial people, we know some of you mean well but sometimes people and their fascination with mixed race men and women can result in the making of some pretty borderline offensive questions and comments. Luckily for any of you who were wondering what those offensive things were, we've created a handy dandy list of things that you should probably stop saying to your biracial friends.

1. "So...what are you?"


2. "Where are you from?"

Didn't you know?

3. "No, like...where are you from?"

So, when are we going to stop acting like all mixed-race people hail from some sort of "exotic" country?

4. "You look so exotic!"

Speaking of "exotic," that's not actually a compliment.

5. "So, which one of your parents is ___?"

Which one of your parents taught you how to mind your business? Before you take a second to think about how you sound when you ask this, think about why it even matters to you in the first place.

6. "You're so pretty. What are you mixed with?"

If you must know, I'm mixed with three equal parts of Beyonce, a unicorn and stardust.

7. "Yeah, but you don't act ____."

It's 2017. Let's try to remember that there's no such thing as "acting" a certain race.

8. "You act more ___ than ___."

Please refer to the blurb above.

9. "Well, you don't really count."


10. "So which race do you identify with more?"

Umm...that's not exactly how it works.

11. "Did you have trouble picking sides growing up?"


12. "I bet your kids are going to be so pretty."

Because kids are only pretty when they're mixed, right?

13. "I want my kids to be mixed."

Okay, girl.

14. "Can I touch your hair?"

You can answer this question yourself, I'm sure.

15. "I wish I was mixed."


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