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5 Reasons Women Get Plastic Surgery in Their 20s


Despite the constant controversy surrounding the topic, plastic surgery is very common –– even for college-aged women. The decision is personal and there are many legitimate reasons young women choose to go under the knife. According to the 2015 Plastic Surgery Statistic Report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, women in their 20s had a total of 816,000 cosmetic procedures, with 249,000 being surgical and 567,000 minimally-invasive. Read below for five reasons college-aged women might undergo plastic surgery:


1. A personal insecurity

We are all born the way we are –– it’s that simple. There are very few people who would say they are flawless, so genetics are often a major motivator for cosmetic surgery. It’s a personal choice, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to change the way you look by going under the knife.

In 2015, the five most common cosmetic surgeries were breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and tummy tucks. As could be expected, breast augmentation continues to be the top procedure (it has been since 2006). Other noteworthy cosmetic procedures gaining popularity are buttock augmentations, lower body lifts, and breast lifts. 

While cosmetic surgery is hugely popular, it can be a problem if a patient doesn’t like anything about herself. Especially in your college years, be wary that the desire to get cosmetic surgery should be to help one or two insecurities and not completely alter your appearance because you hate the way you look. In such cases, you could be at risk for a more serious psychological disorder.

2. Acne scars

Pretty much every collegiette can speak to the negative confidence level associated with bad acne. While most of us can simply wait for a pimple to pass, others are susceptible to to extreme acne scarring.

Accordingly, these collegiettes can (and sometimes do) reach out to plastic surgeons to get such scarring removed or made less noticeable. In fact, scar revision was the fourth most common reconstructive procedure in 2015. 

3. Health problems

Often times, young people undergo plastic surgery because it is necessary to fix a physical problem or injury. From eyelid surgery for improved vision, to nasal surgery for better breathing, plastic surgery (even at a young age) can benefit a collegiette’s health.

4. A genetic abnormality or deformity

While physical abnormalities and deformities are rare and wide-ranging [provide examples], sometimes, a young woman may opt to have plastic surgery to “fix” her appearance. This decision should be made by the individual with the abnormality or deformity if she feels that her appearance is having a negative effect on her everyday life.

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5. Extreme weight loss

No matter your age, if you lose an extreme amount of weight (especially at a quick pace), you are very likely to have excess skin. Many such individuals will undergo plastic surgery in order to remedy the skin that wouldn’t shrink.

This type of surgery usually leaves the body with intense scars, so it is recommended that an overweight individual who wants to lose weight do so slowly, healthily, and over an extended period of time. 


Plastic surgery is most importantly a personal decision. There will always be controversial opinions about the topic, especially for women of a young age, but it is ultimately up to you whether you to go under the knife or not.

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