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How to Revamp Your Sweaters & Boots Routine


On a cold, winter morning, the last thing you want to do is get out of your warm, cozy bed and get dressed for class. We admit it’s hard to find the motivation to put together a stylish look when it’s so much easier to throw on the stand-by sweater combo. However, looking fierce doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. Check out our suggestions for revamping your winter fashion routine that will get you out of your style rut!

1. Layers are your new best friend

Shirt: H&M, $29.95
Tee: Target, $17.99
Jacket: Old Navy, $34.94
Jeans: Topshop, $80
Beanie: Skullcandy, $15.95
Boots: Steve Madden, $99.95

Besides the fact that layering will keep you warm and toasty on frigid mornings, it’s also a great way to easily update your everyday style. Keep your undermost layers fitted and throw a belt around your waist so that you can still show off your figure. Layering also gives you the opportunity to mix different textures, so try to vary your look with knits, leather, flannel or denim, for example. Try layering a collared shirt underneath a sweater for a preppy look, or make the most of the grunge trend by tying a flannel around your waist and layering a denim jacket over a tee. On chilly days, add a chunky knit scarf or beanie for a look that is both fashionable and functional.

2. Trade your boots for booties

Dress: Nasty Gal, $58
Tights: Zara, $19.90
Knee socks: K. Bell, $14
Moto jacket: Forever 21, $37.80
Booties: ASOS, $163.34

This season’s take on the classic boot is the bootie, as seen on runway models and celebrities alike. As far as this trend goes, the more interesting your shoes, the better. Whether they’re leather and high-heeled or suede and in a wedge style, a fabulous pair of booties will instantly take your ensemble to a whole new level. This type of boot looks great with tights and a floral dress or with a pair of black skinny jeans. For some cute options, check out this pair from Old Navy ($29) or these ($96) from Aldo.

3. Go bold with leather pants or leggings

Leggings: Topshop, $44
Jacket: Monsoon, $122
Tee: Target, $14.99
Necklace: Daily Look, $16.99
Booties: ALDO, $96

If you’re looking to make a serious statement, leather is your new go-to fabric for fall. Leather (or faux leather) leggings and pants are a fun, stylish alternative for when you’re bored of plain old jeans or tights. Bonus: they’re still comfortable! Use them to dress up an otherwise basic outfit by pairing them with a plain white tee and blazer, or for a super edgy, Rihanna-inspired ensemble, wear them with a gray crewneck sweatshirt, heels and lots of jewelry.

4. Wear your shorts all year long (with tights underneath)

Cardigan: Amazon, $20.99
Flannel: Duluth Trading Company, $64.50
Shorts: Etsy, $26
Tights: Urban Outfitters, $12
Socks: J.Crew, $16.50
Beanie: Patagonia, $24

We love pairing our shorts with tights for the winter because it means infinitely more outfit options. Wearing a moto jacket with a pair of shorts and booties will give you an instant wow factor, and it’s a look you can easily take from day to night (which is super important for a busy collegiette). Another fun take on this trend is tucking a patterned blouse into high-waisted shorts, adding sheer tights and throwing a cardigan on top.

5. Play with proportions

Top: River Island, $20
Booties: Sole Society, $89.95
Skirt: ASOS, $63.52
Moto jacket: AKIRA, $54.90

The details of an outfit can make the whole ensemble pop. One way to do this is to experiment with different lengths. When done correctly, this technique can flatter your figure (and keep problem spots out of sight!). Wear a shorter sweater over a collared shirt with a longer hem for a sophisticated yet effortless look. Pair a maxi skirt with a cropped jacket to nip in your waist, or balance out a boxy, oversized sweater with sleek skinny jeans. For another option, wear high-waisted skinnies with a crop top and a cozy cardigan.


Don’t let yourself fall into the winter style rut again! With some revamped looks and fun new trends, you can still brave the cold while looking fabulous all season long. 

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