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37 Struggles Only Short Girls Will Understand


I think we can all agree that being 5’3” or shorter is far from a blessing. Daily struggles go way beyond being made fun of. Just imagine what a whole day would be like if your height just got in the way of literally everything—getting dressed, cooking, shopping, driving, walking... the list goes on and on.

1. Always having to stand on the countertops to get what you can't reach

2. “You’re really short”

3. You always have to sit in the front row because sitting behind the 6'5" football player isn't going to work out

4. Having to cuff every single pair of pants

5. "Do you shop in the kids section?”

6. You can never keep up with anybody because of your short legs

7. Step stools are your BFF

8. You wanna buy that cute maxi skirt/dress? Forget about it

9. Never being able to tell whether a shirt is really a shirt or a dress

10. Having to adjust your car seat after someone else has driven it

11. Grocery shopping is the stuff from horror movies

12. "Are you tall enough to ride?"

13. Your feet never touch the ground when you're sitting down

14. Always having to stand on your tiptoes

15. Having to pay more money to get things hemmed than for the actual clothing item

16. You never have a problem with not having enough leg room when you sit in the back seat

17. You will forever get carded

18. Driving during sunset

19. Some doors are just too heavy to open on your own

20. You're always at someone's boob level

21. Group photos be like…

22. Swimming pools weren't designed for you

23. People are always patting you on the head or using your shoulder as a personal armrest

24. They also like to call you “cute”

25 ... and "shorty"

26. You have to look up to everyone

27. You always have to wear heels when you go out

28. “What are you, like 12?”

29. People think it's funny when you’re mad

30. Gaining any weight is noticeable

31. It feels weird when you wear pants are the proper length, because you’re used to them being too long

32. Middle schoolers are taller than you are

33. To hold hands with a tall guy, you have to bend your arm at the elbow and aim up

34. Everyone wants to “put you in their pockets”

35. If you wear really short bottoms, they're still longer than normal

36. People are still taller than you even when they’re sitting down

37. This…

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