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15 Times Lauren Conrad Perfectly Described Your Relationship With Clothes


Your relationship with clothing has its ups and downs. One day you're in love with a pair of jeans, and the next day you hate them, when they don't fit after all-you-can-eat sushi. Or you're obsessed with the new pair of heels that you just bought, until you wear them out and realize that they give you massive blisters. However, what you have with fashion and your closet is one relationship that you just can't quit. Lauren Conrad can relate in more ways than one.

1. When the store has the cute shoes on sale in yours and your best friend’s sizes

Now you just have to schedule who gets to wear the shoes which day.

2. When two items that you think are mismatched actually work together

A fancy dress with your old Stan Smiths? Yes please!

3. When your favourite fashion magazine comes in the mail


You’re ready to spend the next three hours reading, and definitely not getting off of the couch.

4. When you fall in love with a piece of clothing, and then see the price tag

Are you sure there’s not one too many zeros?

5. When you give your friend bad fashion advice

I’m sorry for telling you to wear that top, and I’m sorry that it caused your wardrobe malfunction.

6. When someone tells you that you care too much about fashion

There is no such thing!

7. When your roommate borrows your favorite pair of shoes without asking

Well, I know that Iwasn’t the one who got grass stains on my new pair of whiteshoes.

8. When you end up back at the mall for the third time that week

Ugh, I swore I wouldn’t spend any more money. 

9. When you borrow something from your mom’s closet

Yes mom, I promise I’ll be super duper, extra careful with it.

10. When you realize that you’ve been spending two hours getting ready

It's okay, you’re only an hour late for the party, and you’re almost ready (you just need to do your hair).

11. When you’re trying to not judge someone else’s outfit

You can’t fault me for trying…

12. When your friend returns your favorite purse that she's literally had for months

Your baby’s home!!!

13. When you’re online shopping, and the dress you want is out of stock

Why do bad things happen to good people? 

14. When you wear the wrong shoes with your cute outfit

And you only realize it once you get to the bar.

15. When you realize that you're a fashion queen

Happy birthday LC! 

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