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16 Reasons Why You Don't Understand Guys & Never Will


People say girls are confusing, but it’s often guys who leave us wondering what on earth is going on with them. It can be frustrating trying to figure out what’s on a guy’s mind or trying to decode their actions. Whether you’re dating one, just broke up with one, have a crush on one or are just friends with one, here are 16 reasons you don’t understand guys and probably never will.

1. They bottle up their emotions.

Maybe it’s because they’ve always been told not to show their emotions or to “man up.” Whatever it is, you don't understand.

2. They don’t listen, and when they do, they suffer from a severe case of selective hearing.

Out of everything you said, THAT’S what he got from it?

3. They think with the wrong head.

Girls will stress over decisions that guys make in two seconds with the help of their little friend.

4. Period talk is their worst fear.

When they do talk about it, they use any word but “period” to describe it. What’s the big deal?

5. They hate shopping.

You could spend endless hours searching the mall for your next obsession before getting tired. Guys spend five minutes in a store and decide they’d rather sit outside and wait for you for two hours. 

6. They go from zero to 100 real fast when you turn them down.

Two messages ago, you were gorgeous. Now, you’re “ugly” and a whole string of curse words they wouldn’t dare say around their mothers.

7. They’re pretty much a vacuum cleaner when they eat.

Where does it all go??

8. They’re oblivious when it comes to details.

New haircut? They might notice…or they might just say something looks different about you. 

9. They’re super serious about sticking to “guy code.”

Even when it doesn’t make sense or they don’t agree with what their bro is doing, they’ll stand behind them because that’s what bros do.

10. They distance themselves or ghost you when things go wrong.

All you want to do is talk about it when you feel the guy you’re talking to or dating is trying to slip away. But guys would rather disappear until you’re the one who has to break things off.

11. They act like a different person around you.

A guy could be super sweet to you in private but a total jerk when he’s with his friends. What gives?

12. They think boobs are the greatest thing ever.

You may think they’re just boobs—aka sacks of fat on your chest—but guys can’t resist staring at them, even if they know they’ll get called out on it. It’s like a magnetic attraction, just one-sided.

13. Commitment scares them.

You’re not asking for a ring and a picket-fenced yard, but you may as well be. Too much talk of commitment and your guy is running for the hills.

14. They won’t ask for help even if they really need it.

Whether they have no idea where they’re going, how to build something or even what to do in a tricky situation, they won’t ask anyone for help even when it’s obvious they have no idea what they’re doing.

15. They hate texting and social media.

You could probably waste an entire day on your phone refreshing all of your social media and texting your SO or friends. Guys usually only text you so much because they know it makes you happy.

16. And finally, they still think fart jokes are hilarious.


Maybe one day, guys and girls will perfectly understand each other. Or you know, maybe not, but a girl can dream, right?

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