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The 10 Best Beauty Looks From the 2017 SAG Awards


It was truly a "city of stars" at the 23rd annual SAG awards. No beauty look was off-limits, from subtle and smokey to experimental and colorful, Hollywood's best wore it all. Here are some of our favorite makeup moments from the evening.

1. Emma Stone

As always, Emma's makeup artist drew attention to the actress' beautiful green eyes, this time using a darker shade of forest green to create dimension and add a sense of intrigue to this ultra-polished look. 

2. Janelle Monáe

Following this year's obsession with warm-toned looks, Janelle stunned with a warm purple pout and meticulously groomed brows. 

3. Maisie Williams 

Maisie looked like she walked straight out one of Gatsby's parties with this hauntingly beautiful black cherry lip.

4. Kerry Washington 

The queen of class, Kerry proves that a perfectly-executed black smokey eye and a pop of blush is all you need to look elegant.

5. Emily Blunt 

A flush of copper on the eyelid made Emily's already enchanting sea-blue eyes even more mesmerizing. 

6. Sophia Bush 

Sophia changed the makeup game with a violet-pink color that created a gorgeous halo effect around the eyes.

7. Tracee Ellis Ross

Peachy pink on the eyelids and a nude lip make us wish it were spring already.

8. Bryce Dallas Howard 

Maroon blush and a faded-out lip made Bryce look like a Pre-Raphaelite painting.

9. Natalia Dyer 

This Stranger Things star channeled Twiggy with her mod-style eyeliner and warm nude lip.

10. Chrissy Teigen 

A red-orange lip took Chrissy's über chic look to the next level.

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