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24 Places to Buy Discounted Designer Clothing Online


This article has been syndicated to Her Campus from Fashion Food Fotos, an InfluenceHer Collective member. Read the full post here.

I remember falling in love with fashion like it was yesterday. First, I noticed a coat that was featured in my Mom’s Vogue magazine. The model was wearing this amazing plum colored plaid coat with brown fur cuffs, collar, and trim (I may be dating myself…) and once I saw it I couldn’t stop staring at it. I didn’t know clothes could be that beautiful. Where did you even get something like that?

Soon afterwards I was at the mall with my Mom while she ran some errands. Walking buy the store windows, I started to notice pieces that I liked and outfits on mannequins that looked good together, and started mentally putting things together for different fictional events and people in my head. I honestly had never thought twice about clothes before. Sure, I liked the occasional dress from Limited Too, or the Mary Kate and Ashley collection at Walmart, but it wasn’t the same. Nothing had really inspired me like this before. All of a sudden it’s like I was seeing a whole new section of life that I hadn’t even known about. How were people not more excited about this?!

Like many teenage girls, I enjoyed going to the mall and shopping with my friends. The potential of a new outfit was exciting and I was always on the hunt. There was just one problem: I usually couldn’t afford the things that I liked (unfortunately, I still deal with this problem). So, in order to find things that I could actually purchase, I became really good at shopping sales. Every shopping trip would either end with my showing off a new purchase to my family and explaining how I had found something for under $10 (a tank top that was originally $25, but then got reduced to $18, and then got placed on the additional 60% off rack, and I had a 15% off coupon) or a consolation Auntie Anne’s pretzel. There were no other outcomes.

After I got to college I started working and earning my own money, and saving a little more aggressively for my closet, but I still wasn’t there yet. No, I couldn’t regularly drop $600 on a pair of shoes (still can’t), but I could occasionally spend $150, and if that $150 was actually a $600 pair that was 75% off… you see where I’m going with this. I’ve put a lot of research into finding all the places you can buy designer goods at a discount.

Keep in mind that just because something is heavily discounted, doesn’t mean you need to get it. I’ve made that mistake more than once, and it’s a waste of hard earned money. But, if you’re on the hunt for a black mini skirt or a good pair of wedges, it doesn’t hurt to check out these places first ;).

Online Outlets

  1. 6pm – 6pm is the Zappos online outlet. I usually end up browsing things from most expensive to least expensive and clicking through the initial pages to get to my price range. Otherwise it can be really crowded with items you don’t need to be looking at. I’ve found numerous deals on Michael Kors and Stuart Weitzman shoes in particular here.
  2. The Outnet – The Outnet is the Net-a-Porter online outlet. I know. I. Know.
  3. TJ Maxx – They have a designer section online. I was shocked too.
  4. DSW – DSW also has an online designer section.
  5. Century 21 – There’s less to find here, but the deals are still good. Again, I would recommend sorting from most to least expensive.
  6. Saks Off 5th
  7. Barney’s Warehouse
  8. Neiman Marcus Last Call
  9. Nordstrom Rack – Again, sorting from high to low prices will get you straight to the good stuff.
  10. Bluefly – I’m not actually positive they’re an outlet? But they do have a large number of sales.
  11. Joma Shop – This place has discounted watches and jewelry. You can find 80+ percent discounts on brands like Dior and Versace, as well as savings on Bvlgari, Rolex, Cartier, and more.

Flash Sale Websites

  1. Amuze – This site is actually pretty amazing. I’ve seen everything from Celine to Louboutins go on sale here for great prices. Get $25 off your first purchase with the link I provided.
  2. Gilt
  3. Rue La La
  4. Haute Look

Read the full post here.

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