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22 Reasons Why Friday Nights In Your Room Always Trump Going Out


Staying in instead of going out is a choice. There’s no reason to feel ashamed for wanting to do so. After a long week, sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries! Here are 22 reasons why Friday nights in your room always trump going out.

1. Free food

Sure, there are no waiters or waitresses waiting on you hand and foot, but there is a fridge full of food. And plot twist, it doesn’t cost you $25 a plate.

2. There’s no chance of embarrassing yourself

You don’t have to worry about tripping over air in front of a bar full of bystanders or not realizing you had something in your teeth the entire night.

3. Your bed

There are no beds at the club. Hell, there are no free seats at the club.

4. No chance of witnessing secondhand embarrassment

Secondhand embarrassment can be just as bad as firsthand. You won’t have to witness your drunken friends making fools out of themselves or be forced to watch a stranger attempt to dance on beat.

5. Wear whatever you want

Why force yourself into pleather pants or a latex crop top when you can just look homeless in an oversized t-shirt and your boyfriend’s basketball shorts?

6. No makeup

Every girl’s face deserves a day where it gets a break from concealer and contouring. Friday nights in are the perfect time for facemasks and cucumbers.

7. No judgment

No company = no manners. You can belch, fart and pick your nose all you want.

8. You don’t have to contain your weirdness

After a full day of acting normal, Friday nights are your time to let loose. Belt out that song you’ve been dying to sing all day, with matching choreography. Make animal noises while you cook dinner. Lay starfish on the living room floor and make air-angels. Do everything you couldn’t do if you were out in public.

9. No waiting in line for the bathroom

You avoid the pee-pee dance and the germs of a public restroom.

10. Slippers > heels

You don’t have to worry about your ankles caving in and betraying you. Your slippers don’t give you blisters, and therefore make you happy.

11. You get to binge-watch television and live vicariously through the rich and fabulous

It’s the perfect activity for when your week sucked and you don’t want to go out and risk it sucking even more.

12. Avoiding a horrible hangover the next day

You can literally feel your body thanking you.

13. Time to read

You’ve been looking for the perfect time to crack open that new novel you got for Christmas and Friday night is the perfect time.

14. Real talks

Small talk has to be one of the worst things associated with going out and meeting new people. When you spend a Friday night in, you can invite over whomever you want. It’s a chance to have a real discussion about anything and everything without having to scream over loud music and competing conversations.

15. Introspection

Friday nights in are the perfect time to take care of YOU. Make your dorm room into a mini spa, reflect on your past week, catch up on the work you’ve fallen behind on, re-evaluate your life plan, and maybe even put some toothpaste on that zit you’ve been resisting to pop all day.

16. You get a break from people

Between school and your part-time job, you’re constantly interacting with people. It can get tiring. Everyone needs an opportunity to bask in the peace and quietness of their room every once and a while.

17. Bras are optional

Whoever invented them hated womankind, and whoever made them a social requirement deserves to be thrown into a hunger game (…just kidding…).

18. You don’t have to share your alcohol

We all have that one friend who never buys any alcohol and then expects to mooch off of you the entire night. Well, they don’t have to be invited to your Friday night in, now do they?

19. You get to explore the weird side of YouTube

Sometimes it can be hard to find, but once you’re in deep enough, it’s there and boy is it entertaining. Odd trailers for movies you’ve never even heard of, strange challenges and Ice JJ Fish protégées. You name it, it’s there.

20. You get to choose what music you dance to

Why go to a club just to wait until the very end of the night to finally hear the song you’ve been waiting to dance to all night? You can play it straight away on your laptop and dance the night away, just saying…

21. No stress about how you’re getting home

Because guess what? You’re already home!

22. You’re saving money

Have you ever sat down and calculated all of the money you would save if you just stayed home and Netflixed? Just doing that alone will be enough to convince you to hibernate in your room for the rest of the winter, trust us.

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