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15 Things Only People Who Love Being Single Understand


Sure, being in a committed relationship has its perks. It might even be really great and life-changing if you're lucky enough. Unfortunately for many of us, we haven't gotten that lucky yet—but that's fine! Single people are living the life, whether they know it or not, and here are 15 reasons why. 

1. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want 

2. This includes but is not limited to excessive eating and sleeping 

3. Your bed is your bed and yours only

4. There's no one to impress with your ~underthings~ 

5. There's no need to suffer through all the awkward dating rituals 

6. No one is going to rudely suggest that you "share" dessert 

7. Drinking straight from the bottle is normal and fine because no one else is there to help you finish it

8. Speaking of finish, you can ~get it~ on your own time and by your own means 

9. There's no pressure to impress anyone else's friends or family 

10. You can skip the debate about what film or show to watch on Netflix 

11. There's never any weird talk about the future or your commitments when you're only committed to yourself 

12. There's plenty of time to chill with your friends without a pesky SO in the way 

13. You don't really need to ensure that anyone's birthday is fucking awesome but yours 

14. You can probably save a lot of money when you're not spending it on anyone else 

15. You can be totally independent and self-sufficent, and that is very cool and adult 

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