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Beer Yoga Is Now a Thing, & You Can Try It Today With These Poses


Exercising and drinking are two fun activities that are usually kept completely separate. But could there be a way to combine the two in a way that's both safe and fun? A lot of people think so, if the popularity of Beer Yoga is any indication.

Yup, now you can be active while enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage. Beer Yoga, also known as BierYoga, originated in Berlin, Germany but is starting to take North America by storm. For instance, there are already 25 beer (and even wine) yoga classes available in Charlotte, N.C., allowing you to literally go bottoms up with your beer during Downward Dog. Beer yoga is pretty much what it sounds like: a yoga class integrating beer drinking into its poses.


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So what benefits can come from this new yoga practice? According to PopSugar, the founders of BierYoga state that both beer and yoga are "centuries-old therapies for body, mind, and soul. The joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment each other and make for an energizing experience." As reported by Mashable, the founders said that they "take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness." However, aside from just being fun, there is currently no evidence of its direct health benefits—but hey, maybe the beer is extra motivation to get in a workout. Plus, beer itself actually has several health benefits. According to Refinery29, studies have shown that beer can improve your brain function, strengthen bones and help with exercise recovery. The founder of BierYoga told Ex Berliner that they first saw it at Burning Man—because of course they did. 

If Beer Yoga hasn't hit your city yet but you still want to see what the buzz is about (or get buzzed), no fear—here are 5 different poses from Work For Your Beer for you to try at home or with your friends. All you need is a 6-pack and a yoga mat and you're all set. 

1. "Downward Facing Drink" Pose


Downward Facing Drink | Beer Yoga | Work For Your Beer

You'll kick off your beer yoga practice with a twist on a classic: Downward Facing Dog. Just add a beer (and probably a straw) and you're set. 

2. "Extended Swig-angle" Pose

Extended Swig Angle Pose | Beer Yoga | Work For Your Beer

Next, you'll flow at your own pace into Triangle pose, opening your heart toward the ceiling while you take a swig of your beer.

3. "Hold My Drink" Pose 


Hold My Drink Pose | Beer Yoga | Work For Your Beer

This Seated Spinal Twist pose gives your body a brief moment of detox (before you re-tox with that beer in your hand).

4. "Chug" Pose

Chug Pose | Beer Yoga | Work For Your Beer

Back on your feet! Get ready for your buns and thighs to burn as you chug your beer for the duration of your time in Chair ​pose.

5. "Slurp" Pose

Slurp Pose | Beer Yoga | Work For Your Beer

Work your arms and core with this play on Crow pose! This move is pretty advanced, so feel free to flow into Plank ​pose instead. Either way, you're probably going to need a straw to slurp up your beer.

For a full workout of 12 different Beer Yoga moves and more info on this new fitness trend, make sure to check out Work For Your Beer

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