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7 Affirming Clothes & Accessories to Celebrate Compliment Day


Since today is Compliment Day, take a look at these pieces that are not only absolutely adorable but also send an awesome message to everyone around you! Look good, feel good—right, ladies?

1. Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful (Zazzle, $18.95)

Every. Body. Is. Beautiful.

2. You're, Like, Really Pretty (Etsy, $24)

As quoted by Regina George.

3.  You Are... Necklaces (Compliment, $47 each)

What better way to compliment your friends than with these cute necklaces?

4. Be You (Forever 21, $15.90)

Check out XXI for some cute, inspiring tees!

5. Squat Goals (Betches, $44)

Werk that booty.

6. Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle (Etsy, $12.80)

Great for yourself or for a friend!

7. Courtesy of Drake (Etsy, $22)

Gotta let 'em know.

8. Bad Betch (Betches, $35)

The baddest.

9. Cute (Forever 21, $38)


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