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The 15 Best Things About Going Home


As much fun as we have at school with our girlfriends, roommates and yes, even classmates in class, one of the nicest feelings in the world is when we get to take a break from college life and go home. Whether for a weekend, school break or even the fast-approaching summer, going back to our hometowns and our parents' houses is super awesome and relaxing. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Home-cooked meals

Dining-hall food is fine, but nothing compares the warm, succulent deliciousness of a home-cooked meal. Especially late in the semester, when you’ve eaten spaghetti and meatballs at the caf more than you thought humanly possible, a mom- or dad-made meal tastes like the best thing ever.

2. Taking a shower without flip-flops

Showering at home becomes a truly cleansing (pun intended) experience since you don't have to worry about contracting some weird foot fungus. You never feel quite as clean as after washing your hair in your shower at home—dorm showers just can’t compete.

3. Sleeping in your old bed

Comfy mattress? Check. Lots of pillows? Check. Actually large enough for a normal-sized collegiette? Check. Your old bed will always be more comfortable than a dorm mattress, which probably has had more people sleep on it than we really want to know about.

4. Catching up with high school friends

We love meeting up with our girlfriends from high school when we're home. Reminiscing about football games, crazy antics and our blossoming teenage years (yeah, right) always makes for some good times and funny stories.

5. Hanging out with your siblings

Siblings are the best friends you could ever have. They understand your family dynamic in a way nobody else can, are always on your side when your mom yells at you for forgetting to put away the dishes (again) and are like built-in shrinks.

6. A fully stocked pantry

When you’re craving a late-night snack at school, your options are probably few and far between. At home, however, there are all sorts of options to curb your desire for a snack.

7. Spending quality time with your dog

Or cat, or whatever other family pets you may have. Cuddling with your favorite animal soothes the soul and makes you feel really good about yourself.

8. Free laundry!

No quarters? No problem! Doing laundry at your parents’ house is one of the best parts about going home. You don’t have to wait for an open machine, pay in quarters to get it to work or have to worry about accidentally taking home someone else’s underwear (oops!).

9. Actually drinking nice wine

Parents tend to drink nicer alcohol than 21+ collegiettes, given our budget restraints and, honestly, lack of knowledge about what makes a good wine. At home, however, we’re basically certified wine connoisseurs (that is, if our parents let us drink!). 

10. Family movie nights

Piling pillows on a couch, making popcorn and watching a good movie is one of the most fun family activities out there.

11. Having access to a car

Many times, having a car on campus is pretty impossible, due to lack of availability, or the incredibly expensive cost of keeping a car at most universities. Once you’re at home, however, you’re free to roam the road on wheels. Roll the windows down and soak it in while it lasts.

12. Not spending money

The cost of living decreases a ton when you’re living at home. Unless your parents make you pay rent when you’re home, it’s a free place to crash… and usually comes with free food, utilities and life advice.

13. Realizing how awesome your parents are

We may have argued with them when we were teenagers, but in our wiser, more mature years, we’ve realized that our parents are basically the coolest people in the world. They know a lot about the world and have had a lot of crazy experiences (that they didn’t let us know about when they were younger), making them awesome conversation partners and (gasp!) friends.

14. Privacy

Living with roommates doesn’t usually lend itself to a lot of alone time. When you’re home, however, your parents are usually willing to give you some time to yourself to relax and rejuvenate.

15. Less (or no) responsibilities

Without bills to pay, homework to do, professors to meet with or club meetings to lead, coming home for a little bit gives you some time to act like you don’t have a care in the world or a deadline to meet.


We may not want to come home all the time, but every once in a while is pretty fantastic. 

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