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7 Popping Clothes & Accessories to Celebrate National Popcorn Day


An open love letter to that one food that is easy to make, and will fill you up without leaving a mess in the kitchen. It’s a vegetable and it pops into a delicious cotton ball. Popcorn is probably one of the best snacks in the world. It’s light, tasty and loyal. Most importantly, it’s good with chocolate. It’s one of the snacks that will match whatever mood you’re in. Are you going through a breakup? Have some popcorn. Are you tired? Have some popcorn. Did you get straight As last semester? Pop that corn. Whatever gossip there is at the neighbors', popcorn will enjoy it with you. Popcorn loves us and we love it back. Which is why we need to celebrate National Popcorn day in style.

1. Popcorn Dress ($27)

What better way to celebrate popcorn day than to look like it?

2. Popcorn Heels ($159.99)

Wait, is this a real thing?

3. Popcorn Shirt ($7.90)

So cute!

4. Popcorn Earrings ($6.95)

You can also accessorize the hell out of that popcorn. Plus it’s smiling. You need this!

5. Popcorn Necklace ($24)

Want. Need. Must. Have.

6. Popcorn Enamel Pin ($7.61)

Gimme gimme.

7. Popcorn Knit Hat ($55)


Happy National Popcorn day loves! 


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