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17 Signs You Like Dogs More Than Humans


From paw shakes to cuddle sessions, your dog is the gift that keeps on giving. Your family members unanimously know that your dog is the favorite child. You can even vouch that though your dog isn’t apart of your whole life, no one else but them absolutely makes your life whole.

1. You know diamonds aren't really a girl's best friend

2. You measure your dog’s level of excitement to see you based off of how much he or she pees

3. But your dog will always be your favorite hello and hardest goodbye

4. You celebrate your dog's birthday more than your own

5. A dog will never cancel gym plans with you

6. You don’t care they raid your snack cabinet

7. You update your dog’s Instagram more than your own

8. You also follow more dog accounts than human ones

9. You tend to send cards like this out

10. You only have one true spirit animal

11. Why fall in love when you have puppy love?

12. Human hair anywhere but a head is intolerable, but you put up with this

13. Your dog helps you embrace silence being golden

14. Your dog has earned the authority to take your coveted couch spot

15. Selfies with dogs > Selfies with people

16. Most girls plan their wedding on Pinterest but all you know is that your dog will be walking down aisle

17. And lastly...

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