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6 Ways To Get a Valentine's Day Date


Is there anything more frustrating than knowing who you’d like your Valentine to be but not knowing how to snag the date? No matter how many hints you drop, some guys can remain totally clueless. This year, instead of imagining what it would be like if you were out celebrating with your crush, take matters into your hands. Here are six ways to do it.

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Get a Group Together

Let’s face it — unless you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day probably isn’t your favorite holiday. Organize a casual party the weekend before the big day (the holiday falls on a Sunday this year). Invite some of your single friends over for chocolate, champagne and pink drinks and candy hearts — you know, the things about Valentine’s Day that everyone enjoys. This is a great option if you don’t know your crush that well since it feels so casual.

Once you’re at the party, use Lauren from University of Florida’s tip and see what his plans are for the big day. “I always find it easier to talk in a party environment,” says Lauren, who met her current boyfriend after chatting him up at a V-Day party three years ago. “You’re more comfortable around your friends. Ask him what his plans are and if he’d like to hang out on Valentine’s Day. If he says he can’t, you’re around enough people that it’s not awkward.” And around enough chocolate that you won’t even be a bit bummed.

Double Up

Is your crush’s fraternity brother one of your good friends? Or maybe his best bro is dating your roommate? A double date is always fun, especially if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day option that doesn’t feel super serious. Ask your friend if she can suggest a double date to her boyfriend.

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Give Him an Offer He Can’t Refuse

This option is perfect if the object of your affection is someone you know really well, like a guy you’ve been seeing casually or your best guy friend who you’ve been crushing on. Purchase tickets to see a band he likes or get a Groupon for a restaurant you know he’s been dying to try (make sure it’s valid on V-Day, though, as some Groupons exclude this day!). It’s a thoughtful approach, but still way more casual than suggesting a candlelit dinner at a five-star restaurant. Kelsey, a senior at Skidmore, purchased two tickets to see Regina Spektor and invited her then-crush to go with her. “Honestly, he was probably more excited for the concert than hanging out with me when I first asked,” Kelsey says. “But we had such an amazing time together and a concert is a pretty romantic environment. It’s a fun first date.”

Currently Seeking: One Cute Crush

Okay, so you know that you want a date on Valentine’s Day, but you don’t know exactly who. How do you go about meeting a cute guy before February 14? A lot of date parties or couples-only parties take place the weekend of Valentine’s Day, so ask your guy friends if they know someone in need of a date. Sure, it’s a risk to go on a blind date, but even if you don’t hit it off romantically with the guy, you can have fun getting dressed up and celebrating the holiday. Diane, a sophomore at University of San Diego, met her current boyfriend when, at the last minute, her friend’s frat brother was out of a date. “I thought it would just be a fun group thing, but we wound up hitting it off,” says Diane. “If I hadn’t offered to be his date, he wouldn’t have been able to go to the party and we never would have met. Guys are looking for dates too!”


Former Her Campus Real Live College Guy Ryan admitted that there’s no super secret trick to snagging a date by Valentine’s Day. “To be honest, if a girl asks me out in any way, shape or form for V-day, I'll be inclined to say ‘no doubt’ and accept,” said Ryan. However, this doesn’t mean you can go up to that hot guy who you have literally never spoken to before and ask him out on a date. Ryan clarified by saying, “This is also assuming that a) we've been flirting and b) we're attracted to each other. With that perfect scenario in mind, I'd really just say that we don't need to be asked out creatively. Last time I checked it's not senior prom.” If you’ve been talking to a guy, don’t be afraid to say, ‘Would you want to get dinner on Tuesday?’

Ask The Girl Who Knows You Best

When it comes to playing matchmaker, there’s no one who can do it better than your BFF. If both you and your best friend are single this year, make a pact to set each other up. Try to go into the situation with an open mind. You might not see yourself hitting it off the guy who lived down the hall from your BFF freshman year, but she knows that you two share the same goofy sense of humor. Trust that your friend knows you best and will set you up with a guy who you are truly compatible with (or can at least have a fun night with).

Maybe in a perfect world, the guy you’ve been eyeing would send two white doves to your dorm room with a letter inviting you to a homemade dinner, but that’s not very likely (or convenient — can you imagine trying to get those doves out of your room? Total disaster.). Instead of waiting for Cupid, grab those arrows yourself and use these tried and true tips to fill up February 14 in your planner!

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