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11 Clothes & Accessories for the Girl Who Likes Food More Than Boys


With Valentine’s Day in the not-so-distant future, us single girls have a choice to make: do we wrap ourselves in blankets and watch a Nicholas Sparks movie while shame-eating cold lo-mein, or do we choose to embrace our independence and stay confident in the fact that we don’t need a significant other to validate our worth? This year, I for one am skipping The Notebook and leftovers and choosing to embrace my one true love: food!

Whether it’s pizza, donuts, or even kale, HC has you covered with a wide array of clothing and accessories for the food lover in all of us. Because who needs a boyfriend when you have ice cream?

1. Donut Stud Earrings by Cutetreats, $12.00

2. Snack Food Graphic PJ Set from Forever 21, $14.90

3. Fast Food Pin Set from Forever 21, $5.90

4. Fuzz Pearl Donut Ring from ASOS, $9.02

5. Tacos Pendant Necklace from Forever 21, $5.90

6. Beaded Hangry Bracelet Set from Forever 21, $6.90

7. Pink Sprinkle Donut Keychain by KawaiiKoisk, $12.50

8. There's No "We" in Pizza by BoooTees, $14.99+

9. Kale Unisex Sweatshirt from Sub-Urban Riot, $64.00

10. Taco Embroidered Dad Cap from Forever 21, $9.90

11. Fries Before Guys Sweatshirt by andMorgan, $27.00

Keep on doing you, ladies!

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