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15 Signs You're in a Relationship with Bacon


We all have our favorite breakfast foods: pancakes, eggs, waffles... you name it. But the one amazing food we can all agree tops the charts in deliciousness is bacon. Everything about it is so perfect, from its crispy crunch to its potent scent. Everyone loves bacon. Bacon is a gift from the heavens. Naturally, some people like bacon more than others... and you just might be one of those people. If you can relate to any one of these signs, well... there's a strong possibility that you are, in fact, in a relationship with bacon.

1. Everything you order at a restaurant has to have bacon on it

2. Nothing gets you out of bed quicker than the smell of bacon in the morning

3. You’re known at breakfast restaurants for ordering multiples sides of bacon

4. You would totally buy a bacon-scented candle... or five

5. The only reason you’re excited to see a salad bar is because you can just get a heaping plate of crumbled bacon

6. You’re very particular about the way you prefer to have it cooked (extra crispy, super floppy, etc.) but you'll honestly eat it no matter what

7. You’re all about sweets involving bacon—bacon glazed donut? Sign me up

8. When people ask you what three things you would bring on a deserted island, you always count bacon as one of those ~crucial~ items

9. People have called you out on your addiction more than once

10. You understand that Canadian bacon is just not bacon, and anyone who says so is wrong

11. If you were given the option to be queen of the world or have access to unlimited bacon, you would choose bacon

12. You daydream about bacon

13. Your favorite animal is a pig, not because they’re cute, but because…bacon

14. Your open to bacon of all kinds: fried, covered in chocolate, chopped into baby pieces…you aren’t biased

15. If you were given the opportunity to marry bacon, you 100-percent would

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