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15 Times Serena van der Woodsen's Life Was Wildly Unrelatable


Gossip Girl was unrealistic, but Serena's world in particular was weird beyond measure. Here are 15 times SVDW's life was wildly unrelatable.

1. The time she hooked up with a boarding school teacher

Yeah… I have NOT done that.

2. The time she got into Columbia despite never being portrayed doing schoolwork of any kind

Oh, and Brown was also an option, too.

3. The time Serena's mom ended up with her (ex)BF's dad

Now that is just too unfortunate to be realistic.

4. She hooked up with all her guy friends

But it totally wasn't awkward in the end.

5. The time she married Dan

Despite him being Gossip Girl the whole time.

6. Blair and Serena fought constantly but always remained friends

Besties for the resties?

7. Serena had an unrealistically deceptive mother

Lily after all forged Serena's signature to send an innocent man to jail. Smh.

8. Serena constantly drank in bars

Despite still being in high school.

9. She was never caught without perfect hair and makeup and an expensive outfit to match

"Sweatpants, hair tie, chillin' with no makeup on." NOT.

10. She also never failed to impress with a perfect gown for EVERY occasion

Complete with zingers!

11. She lived in an insane apartment

With a closet of any girl's dream.

12. The time she hooked up with a Columbia professor

What is with this girl and educators?

13. The time Serena's BFF hooked up with Dan

Or when Serena hooked up with Blair's ex.

14. What about the time Chuck and Serena became step-siblings?  

I guess everyone's getting related.

15. All the times Serena did anything really fabulous

It is NYC after all.


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